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Harambe the Gorilla

My final Project for the best Law 30 teacher I have ever had. Please mark me well.

Austin T

on 27 June 2016

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Transcript of Harambe the Gorilla

As you can clearly see it did not look like the gorilla was going to cause any harm to little boy, the gorilla looked like it was treating the boy like it was its own child. So why was there a need to shoot the gorilla?
The power of a gorilla
Harambe looking Majestic AF
Harambe looking alpha while standing the kid up
R.I.P Harambe #TheGoodDieYoung
The Video
The Story
Harambe the gorilla was shot and killed in his own habitat at the Cincinnati Zoo. The reason why he was killed was because a kid climbed over the railing and fell in to the enclosure. The kid repeatedly told his parents that he wanted to climb the rail and go in, but the parents didn't listen.
Why did he have to die?
Harambe the Gorilla
The Zoo said that if they did not shoot the gorilla in time that the child could have been killed instead. A full grown Silver back gorilla can be almost 10 to 15 times stronger than the average man, this would make it quite easy to rip a kid in half.
Overall in my opinion, I think that killing the Gorilla was the necessary decision to ensure that the boy did not die. I do not think he should have died, i think the parents should have been watching their kid better. I know that sometimes its hard to watch them but in certain situations it is extremely important to always watch what they do, and this was one of those situations.
R.I.P Harambe
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