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Playable/Recordable Sound Media

By Rory Flannery and Alec Boone

Rory Flannery

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Playable/Recordable Sound Media

Playable/Recordable Sound Media
What need did the product address
It needed to play and record sound
Existing invention
When was it invented?
The IPod was first invented on October 23, 2001, shortly after ITunes.
a big box with an old stereo on it and you put a giant disk on it to play the music
The IPod was first invented by Steve Jobs and many other designers along with him.
How was the product originally made
Why were these improvements made
Who was it Invented by?
What was it made from?
Improvements were made
To make it smaller and more portable
also to make the sound quality better
what is the global impact on society
The first gramophone used records made of glass first, and later on zinc, and then plastic.
What Improvements have been made?
The gramophone was discarded and replaced with mp3 players and later even IPods.
Who uses the product?
Just about everyone who wants to listen to music and download it easily.
Almost everybody can carry their music around with them wherever they go
How would you change this object?
If I could change this object, I would make the screen much more durable and strong in order to not break as easily. People would then not need cases.
( IPod )
Alec Boone
Alec Boone
Alec Boone
Alec Boone
Alec Boone
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