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Understanding Structures and Mechanism[Grade 3]

No description

Frederick Agyemang

on 8 April 2011

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Transcript of Understanding Structures and Mechanism[Grade 3]

Want to see my science activity on the three little pigs
and the wolf ? Humor me... Safety Concerns only one person applies one force at a time Proper use and handling of materials Keep your work space tidy & uncluttered Careful when working near other students structure Investigate strong and stable structures to determine how their design and materials enable them to perform their load-bearing function; Grade 3 Structures & Mechanism Equipment glue drinking straws cardboard play-doh

Popsicle sticks

1. Popsicle sticks and glue Description of Structures 2. Drinking straw and playdoh 3.Cardboard follow up activity

- Students record their findings individually or in groups in chart-format: (videos, photographs, field trips) of real-life structures, an analysis of the structures in the local neighbourhood, or a unit test. - Lead seamlessly into the “Understanding Matter and Energy” unit, since students would have already gained some understanding of various forces (wind, water, etc.) while testing their structures. testing the structures So what do you think??? Overview of demonstration Criteria Worth of reporting effects of different forces on the strenght and stabilty of the structures blow dryers = wind bag of marbles=weight watering can = water Follow instructions carefully students should be able to improve on the structures after the demonstration Incorporate media literacy, deepens student's understanding of structures cross-culturally.
Exposing students to structures around the world adds a social justice to this lesson.
Relate it to te tusnami that happened in Japan
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