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Independence of South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.

GA Standard: SS7H1 (b)

Felisha Pittman

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Independence of South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.

: (another country trying to control another for their raw (natural) resources in order to increase their country's wealth.
Played a major roll in the attempt "take over" of Kenya, S.Africa and Nigeria.

SS7H1: The student will analyze continuity
and change in Africa leading to the 21st century.
b. Explain how nationalism led to independence in S. Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.

What is nationalism?
Million dollar question is?
South Africa

legal separation
of the races
Became independent of British rule in 1964 under the leadership of Joseph Kenyatta, leader of the KNAU. (Kenyan African National Union). Even though the Kenyans were free of British control, the government of Kenya was anything but FREE.
Gained independence from Britain in 1960. Most expected the new state to be stable and calm. However, before long, war broke out between the Christians and the Muslims. The religious warfare left thousand dead or hurt. The oil rich country tried to reorganize itself into 12 different regions however this was an unsuccessful move. Violence continued and in 1999 elections were held but the government was still corrupt and unstable. Nigeria's has oil as one of the wealthiest natural resource. However, because of the unstable and corrupt government no one really benefits from it. Because of this fact, Nigeria must still rely on foreign aid and supplies for its citizens.
How did nationalism lead to the
independence of South Africa, Kenya
and Nigeria?
Founded in mid-1600's by the Dutch from the Netherlands. They were known as the Boers. They considered the native Africans as no more than servants or working people. However, during the 1800's the British took over this region and soon warfare between the Zulus and Boers broke out.
The ANC worked for many years to end apartheid. They gained assistance from the international community to help impose EMBARGOS on the Union of S. Africa.
By 1985, the pressures of the embargo and continued resistance from the ANC and the Pan African Congress forced S.Africa's government to begin making changes. Apartheid began to fall apart and in 1994 S. Africa held its first multiracial elections and Mandela became its first black president.
The Boers then set up two new states in S.Africa: Transvaal and Orange Free. Although nothing changed towards the treatment of the Africans and because they were still treated like 2nd class citizens. As a result, the ANC was created. (African National Congress)
The reason for all of this "drama" was because vast deposits of gold and diamonds were discovered.
By the 1990's the international community threatened Kenya with a complete "cut off " in their assistance unless changes were made to the civil rights and economic status of this country. Reluctantly, some changes were made but truthfully, the KNAU still controls MUCH of the government.
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