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Alegria Cirque Du Solei

No description

Vanessa Melendez

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Alegria Cirque Du Solei


Branches of Power
An interpretation of "Cirque Du Soleil: Alegria" By Stephanie Cantu
An interpretation of "Bop" by Elizabeth Murray

Passed down for centuries

One born as kind will king will die as king

Weak was the monarchy system

Evolving into a modern democracy

Reaching to the rich and poor

Copyright 2013 Vanessa Melendez
Spread Your Wings
An interpretation of "Alegria "
By Cirque Du Soleil
Unchained, Choices
Spread you Wings
Enjoyable, Happy to Exercise It

Copyright 2013 Vanessa Melendez
What Is Power?
An Interpretation of "Balkan Baroque "
By: Marina Abramović
Force, Influence
Controlling, Demanding, Belittling
King, President, Police, Teachers
Obeying, Settling, Correcting
Legal, Enforce

Copyright 2013 Vanessa Melendez
An interpretation of
Cirque du Soleil’s Alegria
Stephanie Cantu

An exciting and spectacular, empowering experience
jumping through hoops, flying through air.
Acrobat bodies flying here and there.
Fascinating performances
filling the audience with ALEGRIA!

Filthy Innocence
An interpretation of
White Snow
Paul McCarthy

A distorted version of innocence
Sharing nudity into children's tales.
A completely different mood and state of mind.
Performers bring the unthinkable to the stage.
Making up a unique universe.
Flipping children's innocence,
bringing such powerful, delusional happiness all in one story.

Empowering life
Nature's strength is super powerful.
In an instant it destroys the strongest trees along its path.
Destorying the most beautiful landscapes the human eye has seen.
Yet nature itself is the most wonderful and empowering thing.
An interpretation of
Vanessa Melendez
Copyright 2013 Stephanie Cantu
Copyright 2013 Stephanie Cantu
Copyright 2013 Stephanie Cantu
Copyright 2013 Karim Sarangi

The thrill of seeing that is unseen
Constantly effecting our mood
The symbol of our power
Leading the way
Allowing us to never be blind
That is the path of light

Copyright 2013 Karim Sarangi
An interpretation of
by Torie Borunda
Copyright 2013 Karim Sarangi

What mankind has done is beyond phenomenal
The ideas put into creating something so magnificent
A human being carrying the burden of making sure That He must do great
With the help of many people mankind shall achieve greatness beyond any who can imagine
An interpretation of
By Matthew Barney

Mirroring what others before us have done
The responsibility that never allows us to stray off the path
To go above and beyond the normality, we have the burden to become nothing the world have ever seen

Copyright 2013 Karim Sarangi
An interpretation of
By Cirque Du Soleil

You are I and I am you
We once have been in each other's shoes
We fought for power even though we both knew
That one day I would grow up to be just like you
Age and wisdom go hand in hand
The balance of power was already in our hand
Copyright 2013 Emanuel Pulido

An interpretation of "Alegria" by Cirque Du Soleil
The more I feel in the more I know

That I am starting to gain control

It rushes though me in a hurry

Power is what I wanted and now

I will have no mercy!

Copyright 2013 Emanuel Pulido
An interpretation of "Algeria"By Cirque Du Soleil

Forever on a mission
To change a world I've known
And to somehow make a difference
In the life that I've shown.
Seek truth and shout it loud,
All unspoken thoughts will be forgotten
And lost amongst the clouds

Copyright 2013 Torie Borunda
An interpretation of "Castle" by
Stephanie Cantu
As I walked up to it

I realized it was the house of power

The one which was of my father

The pressure is now on me

For it is the world who will now know me
Copyright 2013 Emanuel Pulido
An interpretation of "Cirque Du Soleil: Alegria" By Karim
Hear my terror and
Feel my screams
They're nothing more than hiding dreams
People leave and thunder growls
But no good soul would bring us down
Let good light consume you,
It will never leave you blind.
Never distant
Never fading
Forever you will shine.

Copyright 2013 Torie Borunda

An interpretation of Mary Heilmann's "Go Alice"

Let your dreams breath and
Do not force your destiny.
Fate will always find it way.
Lead a life of bliss
And let your sparkle radiate.
Don't not ever fear change.
Only one life is given
Its your job to make it count.

Copyright 2013 By Torie Borunda

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