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Sales-Marketing Blueprint

No description

Brian Gore

on 1 January 2013

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Transcript of Sales-Marketing Blueprint

Referrals New Clients Social Media/Email Events Surveys Public Relations Product Sales Buy and refer Prospecting Qualifying Selling SALES FUNNEL identify needs - open ended questioning confirm needs - closing sale MARKETING PIPELINE Existing Clients MARKETING PIPELINE: MECHANISMS TO WIN NEW CLIENTS Events= appointments, interviews, salons discussions, lectures, product launches
Surveys= customer queries, survey initiatives
Product Sales= costumer conversion to service, purchase of derivative product
Product Sales= to existing clients, referrals, new clients THE MEANS TO DISSEMINATE THE MESSAGE

Social Media
Public Relations SALES FUNNEL

Prospecting = identifying potential clients through marketing pipeline and cold calling

Qualifying = learning identity, role, and needs, eliminating non potential clients

Selling = converting potential clients into new clients through services and product sales Prospecting Trade Shows Events Surveys External Lists Cold Calls Referrals Qualifying LEADS PROSPECTS SALES TARGETS SALES New Clients Lead generating produces prospects Prospects are then qualified to identify
and confirm needs for your product and service Sales targets are closed, or, converted into clients who purchase your product NEW BUSINESS CAVIAT: A CONSTANT SUPPLY OF NEW CLIENTS REQUIRES A CONSTANT SUPPLY OF LEADS. YOU CAN'T RELY ON REFERRALS ALONE, OR 'NETWORK' RELATED SELLING ALONE. COLD CALLING IS A NECESSITY Events Surveys Social Media



Public Relations The means of dissemination Initiatives Launch Material Products Services Audience New Clients
Increased revenue In tandem with sales, this builds audience; increasing revenue and winning new clients Web and PR collateral are used to promote initiatives to launch new products and services Referrals New Clients Email, Website, Newsletter Existing Clients How many referrals do I need to achieve my goal by word of mouth? What do they want? What are they buying? How can I get them to buy and refer? What is my sales goal? Word of Mouth
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