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Humming Bird

No description

Hannah Sirmons

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of Humming Bird

Humming Bird
by : Hannah Sirmons :)
What are Hummingbirds
Hummingbirds are birds!!! No animal eats these birds. Hummingbirds are at the top of there Food Chain because the fly so fast that no animal can catch these birds
What do Hummingbirds eat

They Eat small fruits , plants,
and drinks nector. A HummingBird is a
Herbivore but they eat little tiny bugs and
Where do
Hummingbirds Live
Thank You
Don't you want to see how a
Hummingbird changes, than this is
the right prezi for you!!!!Lean more
by look throw the pages!!!!!!!!
Hummingbirds live in forests, fields,
woods and makes nests in bushes.
In Conclusion I hope today
you learned a lot about hummingbirds,also Hummingbirds has a unique food, adaptations, and habitats to help it survive.
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