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Anderson R

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of Guns

Gun technology has been around since
the 10th century.
The Guns
The Mechanics and Science of Using a Gun
Different Types of Guns
Throughout History
Matchlock Gun
Wheel Lock
Primitive matchlock weapons employed a burning wick on a spring that was "locked" back and released into a pan of powder upon pulling a trigger. The powder in the pan then ignited, sending flame through a small hole into the barrel chamber of the weapon, igniting a larger powder charge in the chamber and sending the projectile (bullet) forward.
In the early 16th century, improvements included the wheel lock mechanism in which a spinning wheel against a metal plate showered sparks into the pan holding priming powder.
The flintlock was developed in the early 17th century. A flint was released by the trigger mechanism that strikes a steel plate to shower sparks into the pan filled with powder.
The "percussion" ignition mechanism evolved next in the 19th century and consisted of a hammer that was locked and, when released, struck a cap containing a volatile "primer" that ignited on impact, sending a flame through a small tube into the barrel chamber. This also increased the accuracy of the bullet because it left room for precision.
Notable Inventors
In 1718, James Puckle of London, England, demonstrated his new invention, the "Puckle Gun," a tripod-mounted, single-barreled flintlock gun fitted with a multi-shot revolving cylinder. This weapon fired nine shots per minute at a time when the standard soldier's musket could be loaded and fired but three times per minute.
The flintlock mechanism remained to be in use for 2 centuries after it was invented by Marin le Bourgeoys.
The guns are a invention that have changed the world because it changed the way that we fought wars also because the guns added power to the contries due to that if a country have more guns or arms can dominate about other countries and for this reason in the present there world powers.
Presented by:

Jhon Anderson Arango &
Stiven Alejandro Agudelo.
Gun Control
Gun technology has changed radically over the last 200 years. When our forefathers gave us the right to bear arms under the 2nd amendment they didn’t take into account the technological advancements that would take place. With today's technology guns can shoot as much 40 rounds compared to a musket counter part that shot 4 rounds a minute. (10)
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