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5.08 Outlining Your Argument

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Jasmyne Mehrten

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of 5.08 Outlining Your Argument

5.08 Outlining Your Argument
Body Part 1
Some people believe books should be banned from society, because some books have profanity. There is vulgar language and people cursing just at the grocery store, children know this type of language and parents are the ones that are supposed to teach them what's write and wrong to say. Another reason they think books should be banned is because of suggestive content that may encourage inappropriate behavior in children. Society believes they should keep children away from "inappropriate" things to keep them "safe", but they don't realize they're just keeping them from life and it's going to be hard for them when they're on their own and facing real life.
Body Part 2
In my opinion books should not be banned because it takes away reality people can escape to. Some people, including children, may not have a good life and need to escape and get away from their life for awhile. This can apply to school even, for example, if a child doesn't have many friends they can take out a book and have time pass by feeling like they're part of something. Literature is a form of art, it's a way people can express themselves, and banning books would be taking away someone's way of expressing themselves. Taking away that way to express themselves is like taking away their ability to speak and communicate, and it'll make it hard for that person day to day because they can't express themselves. Expressing through writing is the same as expressing through paintings or singing.
"Throughout history, nations, peoples, and governments have censored writers and their works on political, religious, sexual, and social grounds. Although the literary merit of the majority of these books has been proven time and time again, censorship efforts are still in place today. From Animal Farm to The Grapes of Wrath, The Koran to The Talmud, Ulysses to the Harry Potter series, The Canterbury Tales to The Bell Jar, this revised edition examines the many struggles these books faced in order to be read" 120 Banned Books: Censorship Histories of World Literature. I think people should be allowed to rad whatever they want, as long as they know what they're reading, and are mature enough to handle it. If they are children or teenagers, if they have their parents consent, that would be perfectly fine. When you chose a book, you usually chose it because you know what it's about and what the content is, and are interested in reading that book. Banning a book would not solve the problem, as people would just fight their way into reading these books. The Harry Potter series, that was stated in the quote, is in many libraries and homes, and was even made into movies. It's impossible to keep people from reading what they want to read.
Books are being banned throughout the world and kept from people being able to read them. I believe by banning books it creates a very negative effect on children and even eliminate some life lessons for students. Going through life without the knowledge of what's on the outside besides "rainbows and unicorns" can be detrimental, as kids won't be able to handle life too well once they're out in the real world, because they were raised and kept away from the "bad things" in life. Many people do what they think is right for children even though sometimes it's the wrong things they're "helping" them with. Society thinks that because some books have suggestive content and profanity they need to be banned. I think leaving in the negative parts can teach children what not to do or say. Books also shouldn't be banned because it is a way people can escape that moment of time into another reality and escape from their problems.
By: Jasmyne Mehrten
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Body Part 1 & 2
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