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Facebook Apps 4U

By Yong-Chyuan (YC) Yeoh, Global Social Media Coordinator

BritishCouncil Singapore

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Facebook Apps 4U

What? When? Where?
Who? Why?
What are the Pull & Push Factors?
Phase 2
Marketing your Facebook Apps
Phase 3
Five British Council-branded Frameworks
This is GREAT Britain
High Level Aim
Facebook Apps 4U
By Word of Mouth Marketing ...
Four Facebook App Promotional Tips
How to roll-out Facebook Apps and Stats worldwide
Purchase Facebook Adverts to promote Facebook Apps
Manage and Share ShortStack unlimited account
Project Manager: Yong-Chyuan (YC) Yeoh
Team members: David Blundell and UK Brand & Design
Senior Project Stakeholders
¡muchas gracias!
It's Q & A time!
LearnEnglish app store
Country app store
Generic Landing page
Generic Contest

Social Media Support
Facebook Apps on
mobile platforms
'This is GREAT Britain'
Regions: All 7, Countries: 89
SBU: 1, Projects: 2
Languages: 15
Many more in the pipeline
'LearnEnglish app store'
Regions: All 7, Countries: 99
Projects: 12
Languages: 16
Many more in the pipeline
'Country app store'
English version - Hong Kong, India, Singapore
Japanese version - Japan
Korean version - Korea
'[Generic] Landing page'
Bulgaria, France, Myanmar, Singapore, Spain
Facebook Apps' Stats
'LearnEnglish app store'
Action Plan
Human Resources - As above? Workable?
Budget - Currently US$3,000/year for ShortStack unlimited account
Budget - Any for future branding of New FB App Frameworks?
Payment issues - Facebook Adverts to promote Facebook Apps
Buy-in from Stakeholders?
Any other issues?
(1 May - 13 Dec 2013)
<< Aug 2013 onwards >>
UK Digital Team, Seven regions' Head of Digital + One staff per region to form a 'ShortStack Super User Group'
UK Digital Team to serve the 20 Strategic Business Units (SBU) and Seven regions to serve the 110 countries
David Blundell
Yong-Chyuan (YC) Yeoh
Suzanne Schumacher
Did you know?
We are now one of ...
Facebook mergers thus multiple products/services on one Page
Maximise Facebook Pages' capabilities
Low-hanging fruit to increase visibility and brand awareness
Integrate all of your other marketing efforts
Increase engagement and improve customer service
Strong interest from East Asia Head of Digital, Strategic Business Units and countries
Protecting the British Council brand
Maximise your Facebook Pages' full potential as
a business-promotion tool.
Having your own Facebook app is almost a necessity right now if you want to run Facebook promotions, such as contests, videos, custom forms, etc.
Leverage your marketing potential.
Allow outbound links because you have the liberty and flexibility to program it as you see fit.
Definitely a much, much better way to optimize your Facebook Page and get ahead with Facebook marketing.
Myra Hunt, Harriett Green and David Blundell
We are using
Selected after an Evaluation done in Dec 2012 on Top Three Facebook Page Creation Tools: Social Page Builder, ShortStack and Pagemodo.
Time Frame
Evaluation - Dec 2012
Phase 1 - Jan to Jun 2013
Phase 2 - Jul 2013 onwards
Internal Stakeholders
UK Brand & Design Team, Strategic Business Units and Countries
We are working with UK Brand & Design Team, to brand all Facebook App Frameworks
Let me Demo!
'[Generic] Contest'
LearnEnglish, Global Digital, Singapore
Why ShortStack?
Diverse set of tab templates, modules and apps that you can use without programming or Photoshop expertise
Versatile and customisable
Build apps for Facebook Page, website or blog, etc.
Priority Support
Webinars, resources, marketing tips, etc.
Team Social Cafe (Vanilla site)
ShortStack Global Account
Some SBU and Country examples
Make a Facebook Announcement
Keep reminding Page fans
Promote the app in the company newsletter
Invest paid advertising
Add Fan Like Gate
Possible Future Facebook Apps
Promotion app
Newsletter app
RSS Feed app
Current Events app
Appointment/Reservation app
Request for more information app
Contact us/Customer Support app
Success stories app
Voting/Survey app
Phase 1
(15 Jan to 30 Apr)
'This is GREAT Britain'
'LearnEnglish app store'
3 Regions, 7 countries, 3 languages
4 Regions, 10 Countries,
4 languages
Other templates
Dozens interested
After #SocialMediaTapas ...
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