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Hurricane Iniki

No description

Josh Germino

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of Hurricane Iniki

Hurricane Iniki Hurricane Iniki originated in the Central Pacific on September 5, 1992. Hurricane Iniki was classified as a hurricane on September 10, 1992 Hurricane Iniki reached wind speeds of 235 mph. This incredible speed was recorded from the Navy's Makaha Ridge radar station Hurricane Iniki had a
storm surge of over 35 ft. Hurricane Iniki was a catagory four hurricane Hurricane Iniki was a catagory four hurricane when it made landfall on September 11, 1992 Hurricane Iniki hit Hawaii; mainly the island of Kaua'i. Hurricane Iniki did serious damage by uprooting full grown trees, completely destroying homes and caused flooding of up to five ft in some places. Hurricane Iniki did $2.8 billion of damage to Hawaii
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