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UO sustainability - transportation

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chris stratton

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of UO sustainability - transportation

How do we begin to measure how sustainable our transportation is? How can we begin to assess the sustainability of University of Oregon transportation? How s;lkjsdfhfldkjlskdjf Commuting to and from campus University-related travel Metrics Our performance according to these metrics How can we improve? - number of car parking spaces per scaled campus user
- number of bike parking spaces per scaled campus user Considerations: Commuting to and from campus University-related travel
- Air Travel
- Ground Travel Recommendation 1:
Reduce non-renewable university-related travel Improve teleconferencing facilities and offer training workshop for how to use them Work with the city to promote dense development and affordable housing near campus Put a freeze on additional car parking on campus Increase covered bike parking Incentivize employees to not drive to campus Improve convenient bike storage within campus buildings for employees - percentage of energy used that is renewable - scaled campus user emissions
- scaled campus user energy use In order for our transportation to be sustainable, what percentage of our transportation energy should come from non-renewable sources? Two categories: - total energy
- total emissions Transportation We'll look at the following for Commuting, Travel, and Total Transportation: Commute-specific metrics Percentage of university-related travel that uses renewable energy: Zero? Travel Recommendation 2:
Reduce the percentage of campus commutes using non renewable energy Recommendation 3:
Improve campus transportation knowledge
Survey campus users who drive to campus,
collaborate with LTD Benchmarks: Only play sports against schools that are close by? Expand campus car-share program Regular inter-institution transportation summits Integration of transportation data into campus dashboard system? Most of our transportation energy is used by university-related travel, and virtually all of that energy use is non-renewable Total air miles for university-related travel in 2009:
22,450,280 Almost half our campus commutes use non-renewable energy - increase employee renewable commutes to 50%
- increase student renewable commutes to 80% - overall travel is reduced by 20% Most people on campus don't know about our transportation policies Collaboration between the Department of Public Safety, Campus Planning, and the Office of Sustainability Annual transporation summit?
- Portland State University
- Oregon State University
Climate Action Plan Commuting Total Transportation You're Invited:
Public Presentation
14 May, 2-4 PM
Location TBA How? Why? Benchmarks: How? Why? Benchmarks:
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