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How Apple Products Have Changed The World

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Jessica Fry

on 2 September 2015

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Transcript of How Apple Products Have Changed The World

How Apple Products Changed The World
Here an Apple, there an Apple..
From Apple Computer Inc. To Apple Inc.
Still More!
Everyone Knows About Apple
Nowadays it seems as if everyone owns some kind of Apple product. Whether it's an iPhone, iPad, iPod, a Mac computer, or Laptop. People love these Apple products because they are truly amazing pieces of technology that have made a big impact on our world and still are today.
Why Is Apple so Great?
Even though Apple is amazing many people (and many companies) question why. Apple was the start of many great things that have shaped technology of today, some of which we use everyday in our daily lives. And it actually helped START a lot of its rival companies
Did You Know?
That Apple has actually existed for 30 years, but has also mattered for 30 years? Half of U.S homes have at least one or more Apple products? Also ever since Apple's release of the iPhone, smartphones now account for 56% of the U.S market? These sales also grow in 28.5% in the holiday season.
But that is not all, there are many things about Apple that make it "change the World"
Apple Domesticated the Computer
When Apple's Apple II computer was released in 1977, it changed the computer from just being a complex machine that can store a lot of big numbers, and was changed to being apart of our everyday lives. In many ways the Apple II was the main thing that made Apple so successful, also unlike other computers that required assembly, the Apple II came fully built. Apple wanted the Apple II to feel more like a common household object, more than a complex piece of technology.
Made Technology
The iMac's different look from other computers caused the company's "Think different", because it made not only very functional, but "attractive". Apple also caused an era of detail and color to technology, in the earlier days computers were just machines with a lot of wires, but that changed when Apple made tech look good, such as the Mac book Pro laptop design. If your buying a desktop computer, there's a good chance it's an iMac or one of it rival companies clones of the design.
Touch Tech
Apple has proved that there are better ways to interact with technology than besides buttons or a mouse. The iPhone's touch screen with its touch-friendly UI has caused a big change in cellphones. The iPod's scroll wheel or the touch pads on mac laptops are a great example of how Apple has advanced touch technology, which is used in many devices today.
Created the Ultimate Media Player
The iPod has had the biggest impact of any of the other products made by Apple. When it was released in 2001, people loved how it could carry a thousand songs, while you can carry the device in your pocket. Even though the iPod wasn't the first MP3, however Apple's unique mass storage space, the click-wheel navigation, and the easy syncing from iTunes made a big difference, and changed Apple's focus as a company.
Made Other Phones
When the iPhone was released in 2007, it marked the beginning of a change of how manufactures build phones. iPhone had a iPod video player, web browser, and the ability to run thousands of games and other apps (Apple is also responsible for those). The iPhone totally changed expectation in a phone, causing other companies to copy the design and the touch UI. The iPhone is available in over 86 countries around the world, over 30 MILLION iPhones have been sold.
Led To creating Microsoft, You-Tube, and Netflix...
Some don't know or forget that Office started out on the Mac. Back in 1989, Microsoft bundled up the first version with Mac versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Email, but it was limited time offer. When it became a hit a full Windows version came in 1990. Also when QuickTime came out in Macs, it eventually led to the era of YouTube and Netflix.
My Citations:

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As you know Apple is a multinational corporation that creates lots of electronics, personal computers, computer software, commercial servers, and media content. The core product lines of Apple are the iPhone smart phone, iPad the tablet computer, iPod portable media players, and the iMac computer line. But it has lead to a lot more than cool stuff like......
The Mac Book Pro
The Hp Pro Book
And That's How I believe Apple products have changed the world.
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