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Catawba Indians

No description

Riley Frady

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Catawba Indians

By: Riley Frady, Eliza Shaw, Lakea Chapman Catawba Indians Active Current Status: Traditonal- Along the banks of the Catawba River in North Carolina and South Carolina.
Today- The tribe owns 640 acres near Rock Hill South Carolina. Location-Territory: 1600's: 5,000
1700's: 400
1900's: 1,400 Population Estiamate- then and now: *1566 was the first communications the Catawba made the europeans. History Facts: *1689-1763 The first Catawba fought with the British in the French and Indian war. The homes were round, and covered with bark. It had a fierplace in the center of the home and an opening in the roof to release smoke. Shelter: Farming: corn,beans, and squash.
Fishing: cariety of fresh water fish.
Hunting: Deer and other game.
Food Men: Loin cloths made of deer skin.
Women: Knee Legnth skirts made of deer skin.
During the winter and when traveling, men and women wore pants, leggings, and capes made of various animal hides. They also wore jewelry made of shells, beads ,and copper. Clothing: They worshiped a person known as "He-Who-Never-Dies". The tribe usually had one or more priests or healers who conducted religious rituals and provided herbal medicines. Believed that the soul of a person who had been killed demanded retribution in order to rest in peace. Beliefs and Pratices: The Catawba River people were located along the North/South Carolina border. They referred to themselves by the name of the lyeye meaning "people". The Catawba numbered as many as ten thousand people. In the 1600's , the tribe was hit by a disease known as smallpox. The smallpox disease wiped out nearly half of the Catawba people. By the 1820's, they were down to only about a hundred people. Today,there are about 2,600 Catawba who live in and around Rockhill, SC. Catawba Facts: *In 1711, they fought with the British against the Tuscarora of North Carolina. htpp://www.esortment.com/infromation-cataba-indian-nation-south-carolina-63728.html
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