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medieval torture devices

No description

dorothy wright

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of medieval torture devices

mideaval torture devices Midieval torture was a common practice in the middle ages and
was feared worldwide. Torturers would pride themseves on using
any part of the human body to obtain the information they seeked.
Even if the person was inocent they would be forced to give the
torturer a confession. If they didnt they would die slow and
painfully.If they admitted to the crime they still were either tortured
or put to a slow death.So in conclusion the middle ages were dark times
where everyone must fear for their lives and remain extra cautious.Or
they would die. so we begin with coffin torture... Coffin torture was feared throughout the middle ages. The victim was placed inside the "coffin".Torturers were well known for forcing overweight victims into the device. The period of time a victim was to be kept inside the coffin was determined by his or her crime. Very serious crimes, such as blasphamy, were punished by death inside the coffin where the victim was to be kept inside under the sun with animals eating his or her flesh. The coffin was sometimes placed in a public plaza so the local population would congregate around it and mock the unlucky victim. next we have the iron maiden... The iron maiden is in fact a sarcophagus (not a band). The only two main differences are that it has tips all over the front door and that people died after getting in--and not before.The Iron Maiden was introduced in Germany. Even though it is commonly believed that it was used in the Middle Ages, the truth is that it was invented a few centuries later. Very few people had the misfortune of experiencing what it feels like to be trapped in this sarcophagus.Normally, the big door would be shut slowly; the tips crushing a person in agonizing pain. There was a tube in the bottom that made the victim see his own blood as it poured out of his body. The few people that did make it to this device, lasted more than 2 days before death finally struck them. now we have the judas chair It wasnt used until the late 1800s in europe. There are many variations of the chair. They all have one in common.Spikes. Lots of them.They cover the back,arm-rests ,seat,leg-rests,and foot-rests.The number of spikes in one of these chairs ranges anywhere between 500 and 1500. To avoid movement the victims wrists were tied to the chair or, in one version, 2 bars pushed the arms against the arm rests for the spikes to penetrate the flesh even further. In some versions, there were holes under the chairs bottom where the torturer placed coal to cause severe burns while the vicim still remained contious. It was a common practice to extract a confession by forcing the victim to watch someone else be tortured with this instrument. now for rat torture wooooo yumyum The victim was completely restrained and tied to the ground or any horazontal surface.A rat was then placed on his stomach covered by a metalic container. As the container was gradually heated the rat began to look for a way out- through the victims body. the head crusher... nooooo not like that more like this Used especially used during the inquisition, with the chin placed over the bottom bar and the head under the upper cap, the torturer slowly turned the screw pressing the bar against the cap. This resulted in the head being slowly compressed. First the teeth are shattered in the jaw, then the victim slowly died with agonizing pain, but not before his eyes were squeezed out of the sockets. next is Garrote torture... The victim was tied to the instrument and his or her neck forced inside the iron collar. With the handle, the executioner slowly crushed the victims neck causing death from asphyxia. the wheel ... As you can see it wasnt pleasant.The wheel originated in Greece and quickly moved to Germany, France, Russia, England and Sweden. The device consisted of a large wooden wheel with many spokes. The victims limbs were tied to the spokes and the wheel itself was slowly revolved. Through the openings between the spokes, the torturer usually hit the victim with an iron hammer that could easily break the victims bones, Once his bones were broken, he was left on the wheel to die, sometimes placed on a tall pole so the birds could feed from the still living person. mow foot roasting... The victim's feet were imprisoned in the stocks and then red-hot coal was placed right under them. When the subject was interrogated, a screen was put between the heat and his feat, acting as relief. If he refused to confess, his bare feet were exposed to the flames. The torture progressed until the victim's feet were charred to the bone. When this occurred, the phalanges and other bones fell as the feet were completely burned. thumbscrew torture... The victim's fingers were placed inside the instrument and slowly crushed as the torturer turned the handle on top. This method was primarily used to extract confessions as it was both painful and very lasting. now flaying torture... Flaying is a very old torture method that was used thousands of years ago in the Middle East, Africa and even America. During the Middle Ages, it was frequently used to torture and execute criminals, captured soldiers and witches.In one version of the Flaying Torture, the victim's arms were tied to a pole above his head while his feet were tied below. His body was now completely exposed and the torturer, with the help of a small knife, peeled off the victim's skin slowly. In most cases, the torturer peeled off his facial skin first, slowly working his way down to the victim's feet. Most victims died before the torturer even reached their waist. now we come to the lead sprinkler... The torturer poured molten metals in one end and its contents slowly rushed to the other side where they fell on any part of the victim's body. Many executions occurred with this instrument. A common way to execute a victim was by pouring molten silver on his eyes. This caused a great deal of pain and eventually provoked death. The crocodile tube wasn't common, but it was used to kill any infidels and thieves. The victim was fixed inside a tube just big enough for the victim's entrance. The tube, having crocodile teeth-like spikes, was slowly compressed leaving the victim totally immobilized. The torturer could only see his face and feet.With the help of carbon and fire underneath the tube, the torturer gradually heated the tube until he extracted a confession or killed the victim. The former was most common, as this is one of the cruelest and most painful tortures ever used on human beings. the crocodile tube... The crocodile shears had a very specific purpose: To mutilate those who attempted to assassinate the king.The interior design closely resembles a tube containing numerous spikes on both ends. Although it was sometimes used to mutilate the fingers.This torture method was frequently also a way to execute victims, as the arterial damage that ensued from the torture provoked death very frequently. the crocodile shears... the copper boot... The copper boot could be used in several different ways. First, the torturer placed the victim's feet inside the boot and secured them with chains inside the device. Depending on the crime, the victim could be tortured in many different ways:

Boiling Water: Although it was more common for victims to be Boiled Alive with the cauldron, torturers could fill the boot with water and place some fire underneath, slowly burning the victim's feet until the victim passed out, died, or confessed.

Molten Metals: Although the boot would become unusable for later victims, filling it with molten copper, lead or silver was a common practice as it would produce third degree burns and even cause intoxication.

Beat it: Another way to prolong pain was by repeatedly beating the boot with a hammer. Although the legs would not suffer lethal damage, the pain this incurred often made the victim pass out. The pendulum was a good way to extract confessions. With the help of a rope, the victim's wrists were tied behind his back. As the torturer turned the handle, the rope slowly elevated eventually dislocating the victim's shoulders. the pendulum... so that is my project for medieval torture devices but before it ends... Dorothy Wright
world history 6th period
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