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Symbolism and

No description

Liza P

on 22 November 2014

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Transcript of Symbolism and

Symbolism of Violet Carsons in V for Vendetta
By Liza Ptitsyna
The roses are nostalgic/reminiscent of V's time in Larkhill resettlement camp
They are an embodiment of Valerie
V leaves a rose with every one of his victims to convey the message of moral justification and an ethical, higher purpose
Rosa 'Violet Carson'
A violet Carson is a salmon pink, uncommon rose that is a hybrid of Red hybrid tea and orange floribunda roses
Their color ranges from blush to a vivid pink with a white center
Violet Carson
The roses are named after the English Actress Violet Carson (1898-1983)
She had a very successful career as an actress and performer
She was especially famous for her role as Ena Sharples in the British TV soap opera
Coronation Street
, one of the world's longest-running TV soap operas
Ena Sharples was the self-proclaimed moral voice of the show
She became known as
Auntie Vi
on BBC radio's
Children's Hour
Connections between Violet Carson and the text
Violet Carson's life draws ties to that of Rosemary's
Conection between Roses and Rosemary
Violet Carson was a praised actress much like Valerie before her mental/nervous breakdown in 1973
Violet was known as Auntie Vi which ties in with the motif of the letter V
Violet Carson and Valerie were both actresses
Ena Sharples was the self-proclaimed moral voice of the show Coronation Street, much like V is in the text
Choice of Rose
In literature, roses are often symbols of love, beauty, or something of value
Red is the color of all things intense and passionate
White is used to represent reverence, simplicity, cleanliness, peace, humility, innocence, and good
Pink symbolizes love and romance, caring, tenderness, acceptance and calm
The Roses originate from the idea of Valerie
The Roses were in the foreground of frames with Valerie and represented the idea of love and acceptance
"In 1908 there was The War and after that there were no more roses. Not for anybody." (pg 158 panels 4-5)
"I hope that the world turns and that things get better, and that one day people have roses again." (pg 160 panel 4)
V turned to gardening during his time at Larkhill Resettlement Camp
He grew Violet Carsons in memory of Valerie and because they aided in his escape
They symbolize freedom and are representative of hope and a better society
Motif of Nature
The roses tie into a motif of nature that is seen throughout the text either through references to the Garden of Eden, nakedness, or the roses
The roses are also a biblical reference to the Miracle of the Roses. This is described as a miracle in which roses manifest an activity of God or of a saint. Roses's symbolic qualities represented beauty, the season of spring, and love. It also spoke of the fleetness of life, and thus death.
The rose has become an attribution of many holy women
The symbolism of a rose has deeper complexity when contrasted to its thorns
It is believed that there were roses in the Garden of Eden, but without thorns. They became thorny after the fall, and came to symbolize original Sin itself.
As embodiments of people, the roses demonstrate how beautiful and exact people are which juxtaposes with their thorns, or sins.
"I grew them in her memory. But I give them to others upon occasion." (pg 176 panel 7)
V deposits a rose on every one of his victims
V uses this rose on his victims who have done harm not only to him but to countless others
V is taking moral actions based upon the crimes that these people have committed.
In the novel, V portrays a moral voice by using this rose. Understanding the implications behind the Violet Carson rose helps the reader understand its correlation to V's past of Larkhill and his desire to punish those who have caused harm in the past.
The Scythe by Ray Bradbury
"You know, this place makes me feel funny. It's like that Ray Bradbury story you read me, with the corn field, and each ear of corn is somebody's life... except you can't have a rose for everybody here, can you? Just special people..." (pg 221 panels 1-2)
"The Scythe" is a short story by Ray Bradbury. In this short story, a family inherits a house with a field of wheat surrounding it and a scythe with the inscription "Who wields me-wields the world!." Each day the man uses the scythe in the field but notices a strange effect on the wheat and the way it grows. He eventually comes to realize that each blade of wheat represents a human life and that he unknowingly accepted the role of the Grim Reaper.
This story mentioned by Evey directly relates to V and what he is accomplishing with his Vendetta as well as the role of Grim Reaper that he assumes
The roses in the novel are crucial symbols in the story that account for many allusions and representations
The roses were specifically picked to be Violet Carsons because of their allusion to the actress and their color
The roses are reminiscent of Valerie and serve to represent a better world
The roses add to the already existing motifs of the letter V and nature
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