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Le Suite Club

No description

Le Suite Club

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Le Suite Club

Le Suite Club
Who we are?
We are a group of friends who were tired out by the city and that there was a disco covering different musical tastes. So it was decided to undertake this adventure in which every one of us have put our grain of sand. Now I just hope that, thanks to you, this adventure to become the biggest nightclub in the city and enjoy it with us.

A greeting!
Latin room
Feel the warmth of Latin America in this room!!! You can enjoy the best hits and dance bachata, salsa, merengue and reggaeton. If you like dancing, do not hesitate to visit us!
Pop room
If you like pop music, in this room we offer the best music and great successes of other decades. Dance without stopping the music that hits on the radio!
Electronic room
Enjoy Ibiza without leaving Pamplona. We bring you the best electronic music in the country and the world to our club!
Contact us
Click "LIKE" in facebook: Le Suite Club
Follow us in twitter: @lesuite_club
Visit our web: discoteca-le-suite.webnode.es
Services and promotions
Vip room:
To a more private setting, reserve our VIP lounge where you can enjoy our best service with the company that you choose.

Limousine service:
To enjoy most of the night, we offer a limousine service 1 hour from the place you choose to end the tour at Le Suite. Make your night special. Contact us for information on the services we offer with the limo and prices.
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