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"Moby-Dick" or "The Whale" by Herman Melville. Created by Edgar Ro

Edgar R.

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Moby-Dick

Characters Ishmael
Moby Dick Setting Around the 1800-1850s in the Pacific, Atlantic, and the Indian Ocean Ishmael The narrator who does not talk much about himself.
He is intelligent and wanted to live his life at sea.
He became interested in whaling after seeing a huge
amount of whalers around the area. He then becomes a part of Ahab's whaling group. Characters Ishmael
Moby Dick Ahab The ship, Pequod's strong captain. He thinks of himself as a God, being able to push through all forces of
nature. Characters Ishmael
Moby Dick Starbuck & Queequeg Starbuck is the first crew/mate to join Ahab. He is a religious person that uses
Christian faith to determine his actions. He follows Captain Ahab.

Queequeg is a native that has tattoos all over his bodies. He carries his harpoon and is Ishmael's friend. He too joins Ishmael with the whaling group. Moby Dick Moby Dick is the fearless sperm whale
that crushed the dreams of
whalers. "Call me Ishmael" Ishmael moves from New York City, New York up to New Bedford, Massachusetts for the interest of
living in the sea. The Search for the One-legged Whaler Queequeg (native friend that was made accidentally) and Ishmael planned to go to Nantucket to find a whaler. Once on the island, they found a ship named the Pequod and the captain, Ahab who happens to have one leg due to the fact that the whale bit off his leg. Conflict meets Crew Ahab, takes pride and dedication to his
group and ship of killing Moby Dick. With Ahab's thinking of invisibility, he does think about and ignores the physical disasters of the quest. Gam Ahab gams only with captains who have info on Moby Dick. Town-Ho's gam was something that interested Ahab. The Leg Lost, the Arm Amputated Ahab and the crew met Captain Boomer. With a pretty similar story, Boomer lost his arm due to Moby Dick. His story tells how the harpoon line that was attached to the whale. Boomer knowing not to make the mistake again, stopped, but Ahab on the other hand wanted to continue whaling. Ahab left miserably to his ship. Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean Indian Oceans Queequeg's Coffin Queequeg was feeling that he was about to die, so he got a coffin with his possessions and his harpoon. He later felt better and the the coffin was used as a life buoy. Ahab and Starbuck (Climax) Ahab and Starbuck talks and Ahab finds himself as a failure and a fool. Starbuck encouraged him to give up, but Ahab doubts that he can't stop. Ahab, however, knows that Moby Dick is near. Ishmael and Ishmael only (Resolution) Ishmael was the only survivor. Queequeg's Coffin, the only floating became IShamel's life saver. The ship, Rachel then rescues him when they were looking to find their own lost member. Ishmael then tells the story of Ahab and the Pequod. Characters Ishmael
Moby Dick The Encounter (Falling Action) During the three days of the encounter of Moby Dick, the group fought head on, Moby Dick sunks Pequod and the crew dies (everyone,) except Ishmael. Moby-Dick

Created By: Edgar Ro By Herman Melville Shows some
cool stuff about
Moby-Dick Gam meaning the social meeting of two (or more)
Whale-ships, generally on a cruising-ground; when, after exchanging hails, they exchange visits by boats’ crews: the two captains remaining, for the time, on board of one ship, and the two chief mates on the other. Queequeg with Ishmael Ishmael gets introduced by whalers. Queequeg's Coffin being built *Yes, I made the whale
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