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Thesis presentation

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Curt Torres

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of Thesis presentation

Introduction Advertising today seems to be everywhere and ever present exerting a far reaching influence on the daily lives of people. Advertisements develop self-concepts in order to induce purchase decisions.

Advertisers who catch and sustain attention must formulate distinct identity for the brands. Brand identity consists visible elements of the brand. It provides a direction, purpose and meaning for the brand.

Main components of brand identity are brand association, brand personality and brand positioning:

Brand association is anything linked in consumer's memory to a brand.

Brand personality is a set of human characteristics associated to a brand.

Brand positioning is a strategy that aims to make a brand occupy a distinct position that creates suitable image for a brand. Another effective marketing strategy is to have a celebrity endorser.

A celebrity is an individual who is known to public for his/her achievements and enjoys recognition.

Today's trend! Winning formula of corporate image building and product marketing is the use of Celebrity endorser - is the channel of brand communication in which they act as the spokesperson of the brand.

Anne Curtis - fashion icon, concert sensation and top celebrity endorser possesses given qualifications of a celebrity endorser. Her effectiveness in enhancing the brand identity of the product she endorses is the focus of this study. Theory Elaboration Likelihood Model of Richard E. Petty and John T. Cacioppo.

Looks at how attitudes are formed and changed. It suggests there are two routes of persuasion. The central route is where attitudes are changed through a logical thought process. This route requires more attention, but is also allows for the major change. The peripheral route uses surface characteristics, such as speaker’s credibility, to judge the message. This route creates smaller shifts in attitude.

In The Central Route the message processed cognitively. The message of the particular TV advertisement of Anne Curtis is strong. The message is going to be dissected and analyzed from every angle. In the Peripheral Route use of Anne Curtis as a celebrity endorser creates the perception of the consumers through enhancing the brands’ association, personality and positioning. Peripheral persuasion is somewhat simpler to develop because it has no grounds in a strong factual message unlike the central route of persuasion has strong and long lasting message. Hypothesis/Simulacrum H1: Anne Curtis as a celebrity endorser is strongly associated to the brand she endorses.

H2: Anne Curtis as a celebrity endorser epitomizes the personality of the brand she endorses

H3: Anne Curtis helps reinforce the brand positioning of the brand she endorses. Brand Personality Brand Association Brand Identity Brand Positioning Methodology Selection and Study Site The researchers used qualitative method and thoroughly studied the perception and opinion of selected youth. The study was focused on the in-depth understanding of the selected youth toward on the recent TV advertisement of Anne Curtis, particularly Palmolive Naturals soap, Olay and Athena milk. Data Measure The researchers focused their study on youth within Manila. The researchers randomly selected youth ages 18-25 with same sexuality which are females. The researchers provided the recent TV advertisements of Anne Curtis for the respondents to be able to watch the particular commercial.
The researchers used the Probability Sampling as the method in selecting the participants who will be part of the In-depth interview.

The researchers had 30 respondents for this study.
By conducting in-depth interview to those participants the researchers was able to know how they perceived Anne Curtis on her selected recent TV commercials. Ethical Consideration The desire to participate in a research study depends upon a participant’s willingness to share his or her experience. During the study, the researchers find a hard time gathering and selecting participants for the interview. Some of the respondents refuse to record the interview that leads the researchers to jot notes on every detail that they are going to answer. Relationship on deception shocked usually occurred between the researcher and the participant. The participants being uncomfortable interrupt the interview that makes them less responsive. Data Explication Through the in-depth interview, the participants provided the information that was needed based on the question being asked on them.
The data was analyzed by emphasizing the common and relevant points that was said by the participants. The results of the in-depth interviews were clustered by the researchers in order to come up in more specific information. Data Collection Procedure The researchers prepared and used interview guide questions for the in-depth participants. The interview guide was composed of 7 questions that determined the concepts of the study and met the objectives of the study.

- jot down notes during the recorded interview.
-showed 3 of the recent TV commercials of Anne Curtis. Findings Brand Association Brand Personality
Palmolive Naturals Soap
-Anne: sweet, charming, confident, attractive and classy; Palmolive as a person: caring, a girl with a perfect skin, sweet and charming like Anne Curtis
-Anne: lively, jolly, friendly, glamorous and very approachable; Olay as a person: a talented girl with perfect white skin and vain, especially with her looks.
-Anne: very charming, blooming young professional; Athena as a person: a health conscious, classy, young professional with strong personality Brand Positioning
Palmolive Naturals Soap
-only soap that sounds classy but cheap in price.
-soap for moisturizing and whitening as well with its natural ingredients
-In relation with Anne, it is unique because Anne is unique in a natural way.
-for mature skin because other brands are designed for teens
-Anne reinforces its uniqueness through her personality
-has anti- oxidants for a beauty sleep
- not just for bones but promoting health and beauty as well
- Anne helps because she herself is connoted as" Diyosa" by the public as refers to Athena. Discussion The influence of Anne Curtis with the brand identity of the different brands that she endorses which is brand association, brand personality and brand positioning are very much like her, the reason why Anne Curtis is effective on the advertisements are:

-people perceived her as the way she portrays it.
-She usually complements with the product
-giving her different roles on every product she endorses makes her become versatile.

Anne Curtis reinforces the association, personality and the positioning of the products that she endorse because she has gained credibility and trust from the consumers and the advertisers as well. This presents the results that the researchers organized based on the key respondents' feedback.

The results were classified depending on the objectives, determining brand associations, brand personality and brand positioning of the products endorsed by Anne Curtis.
Palmolive Naturals Soap
The respondents elicited the associations to Anne Curtis:
- having a natural smooth skin.
-the milk for the skin.
-for moisturizing and whitening of the skin.
-for skin whitening cream
-for young women who want to stay white and smooth skin in quick steps.
-milk for beautiful women
-milk for goddess as to refer to Athena. Objectives The central issue of the research is to discern: to know the impact of Anne Curtis if her perceived personality enhances the brand identity of the selected products that she endorsed.

The research objectives of the study:
(1) to determine what kind of brand associations were elicited from the respondents by the presence of Anne Curtis in the commercial.
(2) to find out if the respondents’ perceived personality of Anne Curtis rubs off on the brand personality of the product she endorses.
(3) to examine if the positioning of the brands being studied is strengthened by the presence of Anne Curtis in the advertisement. QUESTION AND ANSWER SESSION YOU ARE NOW FREE TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS Q & A Question and Answer Session Anne Curtis' recent TV commercials H1 H2 H3
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