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Cell State Project

No description

Dylan Parent

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Cell State Project

Cell State Project
My House
The nucleus holds the genetic information known as DNA that the cell needs to replicate. Just like the nucleus the filing cabinet holds important information that my parents need.
The nucleolus makes a cheap copy of DNA that is disposable and is used for construction. Just like the nucleolus the copy machine makes disposable copies of important documents for everyday life.
Smooth ER
The smooth ER helps to detoxify the blood. Just like the smooth ER the filter in my air conditioner filters out pollen pet dander and dust from the air in my house.
Golgi Apparatus
The golgi apparatus transports proteins out of the cell membrane. Just like the golgi apparatus the mail men transport letters and information from house to house.
This organelle is involved in making energy by performing the process of cellular respiration inside it.
These organelles are the site of Photosynthesis in plants and algae. Just like the chloroplasts solar panels takes the sun and then turns it into energy.
These are storage structures for various products needed by the cell such as food and water. Just like the vacuole the refrigerator holds and stores food for me and my family.
These act like a stomach to the cell. They digest and recycle molecules within the cell. Just like the lysosomes a recycling bin gets recycled when taken in.
These structures help support and protect the cell. Just like the cytoskeleton the foundation and beams of my house help to support and kinda protect my house.
Plasma Cell Membrane
This structure protects and holds the cell together. Just like the cell membrane my fence keeps out intruders and when i think of the phosolipids that make up the cell membrane I think of every fence post that holds the fence together.
Centrioles act as anchors during cell division keeping the cell and everything else in order for two safe and efficient cell to form. Just like centrioles my parents act as anchors in my life. Keeping me in check and making sure that I get a good foothold for the world ahead.
Rough ER
This organelle provides a safe place for proteins to fold. Just like the rough ER my room is a safe place for me.
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