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Psychiatry ISSC

No description

Lucy Williams

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Psychiatry ISSC

Diagnosticus Psychiatricus
/ˌdai.əɡˈnɒs.tik.ʌs/ /ˌsaɪ.kiˈæt.rɪk.ʌs/
Overdiagnosis in Psychiatry and its Consequences

Overdiagnosticus Psychiatricus?
Definition = the diagnosis of a condition more often than it is actually present
Why does this matter?
Very topical following release of DSM-V in May 2013
Non-Medical Causes for Overdiagnosis...
Case Presentation: The story of Mr D
Harmonisation or New Classification?
Critique of the Literature
Some meta analyses, many review papers with negative overview

=> No family history
=> No manic episodes - alcohol and gambling???
=> Persecutory delusions???

Has Mr D been misdiagnosed?
Is bipolar disorder therefore being overdiagnosed?
By Lucy Williams (email: lw0756@my.bristol.ac.uk)
Dec 2012
Sept 2013
New Relationship
Bipolar Affective Disorder
Two deaths in partner's family, very stressful
Mr D assaults partner
Found by police days later
Admitted to Canadian hospital for 1 month
Diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder
Treated with 400mg lithium once daily for 9 months.
Both Mr D and partner stopped drinking
VISA expired in September 2013, deported back to UK (partner still in Canada)
Mental State Examination
Childhood and Family
Born in the UK, has x1 sister
Parents divorced when 8 years old
Real Estate
Mr D began working on real estate development in Nevada
Appearance and Behaviour
Unkempt, loosing dirty clothing. Distracted eye contact. Restless leg movement. Rapport okay but obviously suspicious of me.

PC: 45M Section 2 MHA => Increased Anxiety
HPC: Police found, increased anxiety and low mood, reduced sleep and poor appetite. Worsening over 3-4 months.
Monosyllabic, non-elaborative content. Hesitant. Monotonous tone. Quiet volume. Normal rate.
Subjectively, "I'm okay, maybe a little low". Objectively, low mood and very anxious and agitated.
Form and content normal. Collateral history mentioned potential persecutory delusions.
Appropriate response to external stimuli
Fully alert and orientated to TPP
Disagrees with BPAD, "I don't think I need to be here", acknowledges anxiety as an issue
Started to heavy drink, gamble and smoke
Business collapsed and became unemployed
Moved out to Las Vegas in 2004
Declared bankrupt - owes $630,000
Meets current partner in 2009
Both continue to drink heavily, violent relationship

Mr D and partner move to Canada (her home)
Referred to community psychiatric services
Currently taking 10mg escitalopram and 7.5mg zopiclone once daily at night (no allergies)
Mother and sister very supportive
Differential Diagnoses...
Generalised Anxiety Disorder
Avoidant Personality Disorder
Bipolar II Disorder
Bipolar I Disorder...
Increase of 8.5% in DALYs (per 100,000) for bipolar disorder between 1990 and 2010
=> Are more people mentally unwell?
Implications for professionals and patients...
=> Social
=> Economical
=> Biological
Medical vs. Non-Medical
Medical Causes for Overdiagnosis...
Classification of Mental Disorders
New 'Fuzzy' Diagnoses
Lowered Thresholds
E.g. Bipolar Disorder
Internet and Health Journalism
=> Disorder focused websites
Media - Direct-to-Consumer Campaigns
=> US Food and Drug Administration
Consequences of Overdiagnosis...
Distress-Impairment Criterion
Stepped Diagnosis Approach
Step 1: Gather Baseline Data
Step 2: Normalise Problems
Step 3: Watchful Waiting
Step 4: Minimal Interventions
Step 5: Brief Counselling
Step 6: Definitive Diagnosis and Treatment
Overdiagnosis is potentially as dangerous as underdiagnosis
Stepped diagnosis approach - a potential solution
DSM not the problem - it's how we use it
References Continued...

Better appreciate the extent of the problem
Useful for future practise - lists!!
Big Pharma
Batstra L, Frances A. Holding the line against diagnostic inflation in psychiatry. Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics 2012; 81(1): 5-10.

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External Validity
Large sample sizes, but little variation in demographics (white, female, health insurance), not generalisable
Internal Validity
Limited interview bias - "highly trained diagnostic interviewers"
No loss to follow up bias - retrospective studies
Measurement bias and recall bias - patients use own reports not medical records, and different nosologies and healthcare systems
Potential confounders - how did they gain their diagnosis
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