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The 3rd crusade

Richard the lionheart

Jacob Hummel

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of The 3rd crusade

Start Weapons Used in the Third Crusade Important battles and
Happenings Christian Perspective The Third Crusade What was a Crusade The third crusade began in the year 1189.

In all, Richard the Lionheart won three battles and lost two. He fought on the side of Philip II Augustus of France and Fredrick I Barbarossa.

Two very important battles were The Battle of Hattin (which Saladin won and assumed control over most of Jerusalem) and The Battle of Arsuf (Richard's men won that battle against Saladin's men.)

In the year 1192, Richard marched his men on Jerusalem; however, they were forced to turn back due to the fact that Saladin had used his scorched earth tactics. These tactics had denied the Christians access to food or water.

The crusade ended in the year 1192 with The Treaty of Jafa. This treaty was negotiated by Richard the Lionheart and Saladin.
This treaty allowed Christians and Jews access to Jerusalem and allowed them to travel around Palestine. The main hero of the third crusade on the Christian side was Richard the Lion Heart, King of England. Richard was born September 8, 1157 and he died April 6, 1199. At the age of 41 he was given this name because of his courage and military prestige. What was the
point of third crusade The crusade was executed to gain back control of the land of Israel from Saladin. By: Deborah, Jacob
and Becca The Main Heroes of the Third Crusade A crusade was an expedition to gain back control of the holy land from the Muslims. The crusades were called the holy wars. Here is a list of many of the weapons that were used during the third crusade:
ballista (a giant crossbows)
battering rams (a ram to break down large doors of cities or forts)
catapults (a large contraption that launches destructive objects)
siege towers (large towers that allows the enemy passage over one's walls) The main hero on the Muslim side was Saladin. He lead the Muslim army to victories against many lands and peoples. He was the one to capture Israel in the first place from the Christians. We think that it was wrong for the
crusades to be called holy wars because we are
not called to kill as Christians; we are called to
love one another. Though the Christians may seem like heroes, we believe they were wrong
to go as far as saying that they were killing for Christ.
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