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Brian Rettig

on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Accelerating Energy
Potential energy
Potential energy is the build up of energy that may not do anything now but will do something later.
Kinetic energy
Kinetic energy is the energy from the motion of an object. The more speed an object has the more kinetic energy it has.
Sound Energy
Light energy is energy that travels like sound, in waves in every direction also like sound travels at different speeds in all objects. Also light will reflect and absorb in objects like, sound.
Potential, Kinetic, thermal, light, and sound.
Like when you hold something heavy it's potential energy is to be dropped or to be set down.
Like in a drag car race, the racer who wins had more kinetic energy.
Sound energy is the vibrations in the air and all around us.
Sound energy also goes through the air in wavelengths.
Light energy
But, unlike sound light is given off by electrons.
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