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No description

Alma Martinez

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Technology

Technology How technology is used when preparing Instructional Materials What are some technologies that
can be used in instruction by a teacher?
Internet Power Point Microsoft Word Test generating
software What are some ways that these technologies can be used? 5. Communication with parents and students
2. Administering and creating tests 3. Scoring, interpreting tests, and
assessing student learning
4. Maintaining student records
Are there any issues when using the internet?
Advantages: Online grade books
Online quizzes and homework
Secure-access Websites for parents to monitor their children
and for techers to monitor their students as well.
Plagiarism Lack of Accessibility? Not everyone has access to the internet or even to a computer Going back to the internet What are some of the advantages and disadvantages in internet use? 1. Preparing instructional materials 61% African-Americans
67% HIspanic
80% White 68% High school or less
74% Some college
82% College degree Ownership of a computer
-Low income: 55%
-Middle income: 62%
-High income: 77% Online use at home
-Low income: 29%
-Middle income: 49%
-High income: 66% Internet Censorship Should Schools be obligated to censor certain websites? What should be censored? What should not be censored? What are some other technologies that teachers can use in the classroom? How will that affect the students
and the overall learning environment Communication with parents, administration,
and students is made much easier. –WRITTEN TEXT
In the classroom “By 2010, 1 in every 4 jobs will… Involve the use, design, application, or maintenance of computers.”
Computer Excel Microsoft Office Outlook Preparing Instruction Material Generating Software Allows the user to create test/exams
and not have to worry about the
layout of the test.
Microsoft Word, Excel, and
Access allows the user to…

Write, store, revise tests and
other instructional materials.
Student records Student records can be kept and updated by online grade books.
Allows easier access for administration and parents
Attendance programs
-Student keycard swipes
-PIN numbers
Communication with parents, students,
teachers, and administration is made easier
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