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RQHR Home Care IV program

No description

Sandra Lynn

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of RQHR Home Care IV program

RQHR Home Care IV Program How does it work? Goal What do we do? -clients admitted from acute care or community
-will see LTC but needs case manager
-require a PPO
-set up through IV coordinator -teaching to independance
-complete IV therapy as determined by physcian

-Peripheral or CVAD
-maintenance: caps, dressing changes,flushes
-Treatment Centre Specfic:
-Pulse therapy
-same technique
-heparin for final flush IVAD (PORT) -RN only Blood (sampling) Draws
-only from CVADS
-Client or family must transport specimen to lab
-SWADD to approve and IV coordinator to arrange in-home draw. Infusion Methods -Pumps
-Hospira Plum A+
-Excelsior or BARD
-IV bolus(Push)
-RN only Nursing Pharmacy Manual -on Intranet-review
Policies: 2.1Withholding Medications
-NEVER without parameters or notifying physician and order
1.5 Filtered Needles:
for all glass ampoules

Paperwork -NISS admission Data base and client teaching
-Home Record for IV Med Administration
-Equipment agreement form
-Yellow duotang
Supplies -1st week of therapy-IV coordinator will order and client or nurse picks up from Treatment Centre
-Nurses order for 1 week of supplies Medications Come from Pasqua pharmacy PICCS use Tegaderm IV Advanced dressing Program way to get clients home sooner and stay in their home How to administer medications via mini-bags Line A
Micro Needle Do not run concurrently
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