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MYP Assessment at TMS-M

No description

Lavanda Wagenheim

on 1 February 2017

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Transcript of MYP Assessment at TMS-M

MYP (Middle Years Programme) Assessment at TMS-M
I've seen my child's averages on the progress report. How much of that grade tells me about his/her performance in the MYP?
Grade Reports

Additional information
You may contact Mrs. Wagenheim at:
for further information or help.
What is the purpose of assessment?
assessments are ongoing and aimed at providing information to guide teaching and improve student performance.

assessments are culminating projects for a unit of study that provide information on a student's achievement level against specific objectives.
What types of tasks can I expect my child to complete for each form of assessment?
exit slips, in-class short writing assignments, starters, practice problems, journal entries, quizzes, discussion reflections, homework

labs, tests and projects, including: performances, presentations, digital products, essays, interviews, artwork
How will my child be graded according to IB MYP standards?
Formative assessment tasks are grades that can be found on iNow, will measure your child's progress, and are based on a 100-point scale.

Summative assessments are graded according to rubrics developed by the teachers that use published MYP objectives and assessment criteria to measure your child's level of achievement in the MYP. They can also be found in iNow.
You will find your child's levels of IB achievement on iNow as grades for larger assessments, such as projects.
Where can I find the rubrics?
How can I see my child's performance on the project?
So, how will I know how my child is doing in all 8 IB MYP courses?

MYP grade reports will be shared with your child twice yearly via our online system, ManageBac . You may access the report by asking your child to log on to their ManageBac account.

*On the front page of your child's ManageBac account, there is a list of classes under the heading of "Academics."
* Choose the subject you would like to view.
* Make sure you have chosen the correct term (1st or 2nd) from the right-hand drop-down menu.
* Make sure you have chosen the "Tasks" tab to see the achievement levels for each summative (project) task.
These rubrics can be found on teacher Canvas pages before the project is due. In most cases, the rubric remains on the teacher's Canvas Modules page for the duration of the school year.
Graded rubrics are sent home with the student when the project is assessed.

MYP achievement levels on the rubric are converted to a 100-point scale on the bottom of the rubric and are recorded in iNow.

The formative assessment task in iNow will match the rubric's title.
Those project grades are based on detailed rubrics that are MYP criterion-referenced.

The rubrics are made by the teacher.
According to IB, each MYP criterion in each subject must be assessed twice each school year.
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