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Fluid Mechanics

Visual Content for Standard 11th Fluid Mechanics Chapter

yogesh shishodia

on 3 August 2009

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Transcript of Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics Holds Shape Fixed Volume Introduction Liquid Shape of container Fixed Volume Shape of Container Volume of Container Gas Solid Water Alcohol Mercury Petrol Lubricant Air Pressure Streamline Flow Bernoulli's Principle Viscosity Surface Tension Reynold's Number Soaps and detergents States of Matter Examples of Fluids Varying Area & Force Archimedes Principle Pascal's Law Measurement of Pressure Pressure Due to gravity Why is the ball sucked into the funnel? Between the funnel and the ball, where there is very little room, the air will have very high speed. Way higher than it has when it has lots of room. So, at the highest speed, you get the lowest pressure. So, the ping pong ball is sucked in while you blow it. Recapping, so that we remember Equation of continuity Air jet striking a flat plate perpendicular to it Streamlines for fluid flow without obstruction By simple observation we see that, smaller the area of cross-section, higher is the fluid velocity Toricelli's Law it is a statement of conservation of mass in flow
of incompressible fluids. In general

Av gives the volume flux or flow rate and
remains constant throughout the pipe of flow.
Av = constant Large Force Large Area
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