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Ecomp 7010

Introduction to my day using a Prezi

Kelly Downing

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Ecomp 7010

A day in the life of... Good morning double shot white chocolate
mocha! Make that blended and--oh--hold the
whip cream please. 1st period: Senior English A pet peeve
to start the
morning off
right "What are we doing today?" My Response:
"Patience. I'll get there
when the bell rings." The sarcastic voice in my head says, "Seriously?!
How about you sit down and I'll tell everyone
at once rather than doing it 27 separate times." By the end of first period 2nd period: Junior English Note to self:
Never teach
The Scarlet Letter
at the end of the year
again! EVER! Please say it isn't so! 3rd Period: Sophomore English Reading my
personal favorite:
Lord of the Flies 10:12 A.M. PREP Deep breath
Mad scramble to bathroom
Check mail
Run errands
Correct an essay
Get distracted by a phone call
Try to correct another essay
Chew nails
Drink water
Try to correct another essay
Time to prep for 5th AT LAST! A CRAZY TEACHER Lunch Eat as quickly as possible for extra prep time 5th period: Freshman English As the math teacher in my school would say,
"The best thing about freshmen is they
become sophomores." 6th period: English Lab Can you say senioritis? I know you hate taking two English classes a day. But just think how
bad it will be to have
to retake a class. PREP Bathroom
Water break
Lock and shut the door
Force myself to finish correcting

Correct Correct Correct Correct Correct Let Freedom...
BING? And after some homework... The very best part of the day... The pick up of... My World
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