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Web Committee

The Digital Face of JBIMS

Ajinkya Patil

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of Web Committee

The Digital Face of JBIMS Web Committee Our Team
Activities calendar
Our contribution
Roadmap 2012-13
What are we looking for?
Why Web Committee?
What’s in it for you? Roadmap Our Team Ajinkya Kushal Sandesh Sidram Activities Calendar Website Updates
Email query handling
Google Apps
SMS updates
Email accounts administration
E-Magazines Throughout the year Planning Induction in sync with other committees
Facilitating Online payment of fees
Assistance in Summer placement process July-September ENiGMa
Hosting Strategym and Prayaag websites October-December Assistance in Executive Placements
IRCMBF January-March Helping aspirants on Pagalguy and other forums April-June Improved college website
Improved wireless connectivity
24 Hour resolution of email queries
Website for IRCMBF 2012
Online payment gateway for the institute
Plan for library digitization Our contribution 2011-12 Brand new website for JBIMS
Online results
Enigma ’12
CRISIL and Euromonitor databases
Implementation of Library digitization
Improvement of Wi-Fi connectivity
Internal network infrastructure ramp-up Roadmap for 2012-13 Web Committee in a B-school?
I need to be technically proficient/software engineer
I need to work “very” hard
I need to compromise my studies/academic activities What are we looking for? Critical to infrastructure
Electronic face of the institute to outside world
Close interaction with all committees, part time students, faculty and the Director
Flexibility and remote workloads
After all, it is all about giving back to the institute !!! Why Web Committee? Misconceptions Executioner
Quick learner Feel free to contact us !!!
Ajinkya - 9022395896
Kushal - 9833964950
Sandesh - 9892092660
Sidram - 8605663324 Still got doubts...??? Thank You ! Age: 22
Specialization: Finance
Background: B. Tech., VJTI
Philosophy: No Gas...No Bakwas Age: 22
Specialization: Marketing
Background: B. E., GECA
Philosophy: Ho jayega re...Just chill yaar !!! Age: 24
Specialization: Marketing
Background: B. Tech., VJTI
Philosophy: Never give up Age: 24
Specialization: Marketing
Background: B. Tech., VJTI
Philosophy: Kya karna hai bas bol re tu...i'll do it “The college website is improved considerably .Great work. Way to go." -Pranav Tendolkar, JBIMS Batch 2010

“Truly appreciate the efforts put in to revamp the website.”
-Udayant Khemani, JBIMS Batch 2011

"Thanks for the efficient and uninterrupted service. Volunteerism at it's TRUE best!!!!"
-Swami Kambli, JBIMS Batch of 2012 Accolades
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