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Training 2000 - Italy

No description

Elmo De Angelis

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Training 2000 - Italy

Training 2000 - Italy Training 2000 -
Italy VET Organization in adults education
since 1994

Training Provider in the Marche

Financed with public funds only:
ESF, Ministry of Labour, EU funds
for LLP projects

EU projects and Regional training
courses EU Projects - education The project will integrate the three key elements we have mentioned: autonomy, creativity and collaboration in a methodology aimed at harnessing the potential of new technologies, in order to:

carry out creative activities
facilitate collaboration in collaborative projects, reducing geographical distances and promoting mutual cultural understanding, and reflection
develop meta-cognitive skills and critical thinking The project aims to deliver concrete models of media based didactics to prevent drop-out, early school
leaving and poor learning results.

- 5 step-by-step guides to integrating ICT and e-learning in YOUR classroom: primary education, maths, science and technology, key competences, arts and culture and humanities.

- practical materials and ideas customised for YOUR subject area and pupil age range

- complementary training courses based on the handbook
access to web based materials for e-learning

- opportunities to join a network of like-minded colleagues across Europe
a chance to join in and influence the work of the project as it develops
free download of the popular E-learning Handbook for Classroom Teachers produced by the Taccle 1 project

- signposts to other banks of open educational resources for your subject Italy Marche Region Urbino - House of Raffaello Sant'Angelo In Vado - Roman City Pesaro - tourist riviera Mountain communities Thank you

Elmo de Angelis
Training 2000 - Italy

training2000@training2000.it In the M-ECVET-S project, there will be a transfer of methods and results from the ESO-CERT project which was entitled “Using the method of standardized competence verification and certification in a credit point system for vocational training – an approach for the integration of the ECVET”. This transfer project shall advance and enhance the ECVET-based method for the assessment of professional competencies that has been developed in the EU-project ESO-CERT in order to make this method applicable on a European-wide basis.
This enhances the employees' company-wide mobility. The Train to CAP project aims at minimizing problems connected with disputes and claims in infrastructure construction projects. The project will increase transparency of procedures in risk management and claims processes through the creation of training material for qualified engineers, managing directors, project managers, construction managers, engineers (FIDIC), and other managing staff from construction companies, government agencies, local authorities who will be able to manage international projects and act in any European country. is a program for sustainable economic development. The basic idea is a win-win-model, using integrated environmental technologies to strengthen businesses economically and simultaneously improve the local environment. Enterprises are enabled to cut their costs through investments into operational environmental protection and to increase their eco-efficiency. GREEN SKILLS
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