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Empathy Map [d.school Design Thinking course assignment]

Template to create your empathy map - SAVE A COPY, then EDIT it

Prem Kumar Aparanji

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of Empathy Map [d.school Design Thinking course assignment]

is a final year electronics engineering student in India's outsourcing hub Bangalore
Colleges ask students to focus on scoring better to get better job
College exams not relevant for getting job
Recruiting companies have own entrance exams
Predominantly IT/SW companies come for campus recruitment
IITs and other top colleges are better at attracting companies from her field
Top colleges help students go deeper into subject and implement in real world situations
She does not consider self-employment since she lacks the skills of an entrepreneur
Her college does not teach how to become an entrepreneur though they have a subject where they are taught definitions
She is interested in entrepreneurship
She is inspired by her father who is an entrepreneur too
Training & placement cell in college focuses only on getting IT/SW companies to recruit from their campus

Entrepreneurship is inborn quality/talent
Not everybody can be an entrepreneur
Entrepreneurship cannot be taught by colleges
Entrepreneur needs to be self-reliant & self-sufficient
There are no forums where students can interact or learn about entrepreneurs
College's Training & Placement office is not interested in helping students be self-employed
About College

About Entrepreneurship
In spite of empowering parents, she feels intimidated, afraid, worthless, social reject if she cannot get employed in the campus interviews by various visiting companies.

Though she is inspired by her entrepreneur father, she has an incomplete sense of entrepreneurship / startup culture from her limited exposure to only her father's line of business, which is different from her own line of interest, which is electronics.

Her industry exposure is also severely limited.

Studious, diligent, talented, ambitious, final year college student Megha
learn how to be an entrepreneur and get connected with entrepreneurs in her field
she wants to break out of the traditional rut of getting a job and instead wants to follow her father's footsteps of becoming an entrepreneur though in her own field.
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