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Texas Ights

No description

larry barajas

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Texas Ights

1. Must Live in El Paso area.
Texas Ights lives in El Paso at the top of scenic drive so she can watch over the city

2. Must have name that reflects his/her Fight across Texas
Her name is a combination of the state that lives in and what she fights for therefore equals Texas Ights
4. Reveal the super strength of hero. How were they acquired?
Her super strength is that she can sense when the right of a child are being violated
Texas Ights
Texas Super Hero

5. What triggers his/her Super strength?
A child’s tear or cry for help
6. What are hero’s weaknesses?
Pictures of child that in trouble
7. Who are his/her rivals and friends?
Texas Ights rivals are the criminals that hurt children and bad parents that neglect their children.
Her friends are the social works that along with her help the children in need.

8. Where does your hero forecast her future?
Texas Ights sees herself as the president of Superhero’s were is helps all children across the world
9 What is the hardest part of the job (refer to Chapter 3-5)
The hardest part of her job is the involvement that Interest groups have when changes in public policy because they are determined to encourage or prevent changes. In other words Interest groups are an organization of people with shared ideas and attitudes who attempt to influence public policy. And since they tend to focus on a single or related issues it makes things hard for Texas Ights to do her job.

3. Must make known his/her normal identity
She keeps her Identity safe working as Juvenile Detention Officer

10. What data does hero have to support 21st Century Fight.
What Texas Igths has to help her fight is the media becuase she can reach voters fast with her information and even though that can cost her anywhere from 300,000 to 500,000 for one ad (Ch3pg83) she can be sure that her ads will be seen and she can spread the word on violience against children.
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