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Copy of Actuary Today 2013

Part 1

May Theng

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Actuary Today 2013

The Objectives To clarify misunderstanding

To divert the public towards the reality

Enlighten the public

Provide an alternatives The Missions To have the public to acknowledge the presence as well as the impact of Actuary today

Branding of Actuary Today. Years of glory are worth more than a year’s of success

To drive the public towards the correct mind set about actuarial science Actuarial Challenge Gathers undergraduates from Malaysia

Provide a platform to apply their knowledge

Simulation of the real working environment

To put their knowledge, innovation and creativity to test

24 hour round the clock challenge Actuarial Challenge Close invitation to Universities

Each university is allowed to send ONE team only

6 persons in a team

Participation fee: RM720 per team

Prizes: A certificate of participation will be given
Champion: RM2000 & certificates
First runner-up: RM1500 & certificates Actuarial Competition Great Eastern Actuarial Competition

To provide a peak of actuarial science knowledge

Last year :- one category

This year:- 2 categories
High School
Pre-University In the UTAR campus Actuarial Competition Consists of 2 parts: Part 1 ( 30 minutes ) 15 MCQ questions Part 2 ( 60 minutes ) 30 MCQ questions Break for 30 minutes High School Category Opens to all form 4, form 5, UEC, SPM holders, grade 11 & grade 12 (International School) Pre-U Category Opens to all STPM, A-levels, SAM, foundation, final year of UEC, ADP, diploma students Registration High School Category Early Bird Registration: RM30.00

Late registration : RM40.00 Pre-U Category Early Bird Registration: RM35.00

Late registration : RM45.00 Early bird registration due : 6th of Feb 2013
Registration due : 15th of Feb 2013

Payment due : 20th of Feb 2013 Prizes Certificates Certificate of Distinction - top 25%
Certificate of Merit - 25%-50%
Certificate of Participation - below 50% High School category Winner : RM650 + Certificate

1st runner up : RM450 + Certificate

2nd runner up : RM300 + Certificate

Team Champion : Cash prize of RM1300.00 Pre-U Category Winner : RM800 + Certificate

1st runner up : RM600 + Certificate

2nd runner up : RM400 + Certificate

Team Champion : Cash prize of RM1500.00 The story-teller Actuarial Exposition The main department to deliver our message to the public

To portray the overall theme of the entire event

To expose everything about Actuarial Science

Correct their misconception towards Actuarial Science

Consists of exhibitions, games, seminars & talks Theme : Diversification A tour to Actuary Global Scale Malaysia General Actuarial Challenge • To identify highly competent actuarial students

• To provide opportunities to seek knowledge

• To build social relationships Publicity &
Advertising 1. Roadshow in Education Fair & High Schools

2. Roadshow in Universities

3. Through online

4. Make advertisement on air

5. Pre-event Magazine Website : actuary-today.com

Facebook : www.facebook.com/actuarytoday

Email : publicity@actuary-today.com
competition@actuary-today.com Contact us: Probability
Theory of Interest
Economics Syllabus
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