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Bloom's Taxonomy

What are some teachers doing that is inconsisten with Bloom's Taxonomy

Jacqueline Morales

on 29 November 2011

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Transcript of Bloom's Taxonomy

Bloom's Taxonomy
Bloom's Taxonomy is
important for
teachers because:
Why is Bloom's
Taxonomy important
( in terms of
learning theory)
The Goal is to ENCOURAGE
Higher Order Thinking Skills
What are some teachers
doing that is
inconsistent with
Bloom's Taxonomy?
The Purpose is to create thinkers

Levels in Bloom's Taxonomy
Categories are hierarchical
Most teachers
don't use all
of the levels
of Bloom's
Almost two-thirds of
observations (60%)
indicate that instruction
is at the lowest two levels
of the Blooms Taxonomy.
In a survey of 500
recent dropouts,
• 47% said classes were not interesting
• 43% missed too many days to catch up
• 45% entered high school poorly prepared by their earlier schooling
• 69% said they were not motivated to work hard
• 35% said they were failing
• 32% said they left to get a job
• 25% left to become parents
• 22% left to take care of a relative
• Two-thirds said they would have tried harder if more was expected from them.
Like pieces of a huge puzzle,
everything must fit properly.
The Revised Bloom's Taxonomy
Table clarifies the fit of each
lesson plan's purpose, "essential
question," goal or objective.
Cognitive domain – processing information, knowledge and mental skills.

Affective domain – Attitudes and feelings

Psychomotor domain – manipulative, manual or physical skills
Before we can understand a concept we have to remember it
Before we can apply the concept we must understand it
Before we analyse it we must be able to apply it
Before we can evaluate its impact we must have analysed it
Before we can create we must have remembered, understood, applied, analysed, and evaluated.
Vygotsky defined scaffolding
as the “role of teachers [tutor]
and others
in supporting the learner’s
development and providing support structures to get
to that next stage or level”
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