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Five Nights at Freddys

Fnaf Prezi! A Magical place for kids and Grown ups to have Family Fun!

Dylan Gomez

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of Five Nights at Freddys

Freddy Fazbear's pizza intro
Freddy Fazbear's pizza is a magical place for family fun for all ages! Here Me a.k.a Mike will be telling you every thing you need to know about Freddy Fazbear's pizza.

The characters
There are four characters. Bonnie, Freddy, Chica, and Foxy. We only know that Freddy's kid stuffed into him is a girl
because he
sometimes he
laughs and it is
like a girl
By Dylan Gomez
The Killer Theory
The Killer that
killed five
children and
stuffed them
in Suits's name
is unknown. He hid in a
Fredbear suit aka golden
Freddy We just know about him.
Files on the killer
Bite Of 87
1987 came around and there
was a birthday party started and someone was laughing at
an animitronic, he
bit his front
lobe. They
say that foxy did it so they broke his jaw. But it was Freddy
All Calls
If you want to sign for this job for some
reason, well here are your tutorials or calls
I'm Losing power so I will End This Here,
Hope your finding...

Oh No
Last of it
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