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Corinne N

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Utopia

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Definition: A perfect or ideal place

Etymology: Utopia comes from the greek words "ou" (not) and "topas" (place), but could also come from "eu" (good)

Meaning: "no place" or "good place"
The housing we will have is:
Permanent Housing: practical because everyone is going to be able to afford it
Emergency Housing: available in case something happens to permanent housing
The inside of the houses is going to be unfurnished
Everyone is going to decorate their house by their taste
Thrifty management, frugality in the
expenditure or consumption of
money,materials, etc.

The management of the resources of a community country, especially with a view
to its productivity.

People will get their jobs by applying to them. Jobs are assigned by your education and your ability to work. Jobs are also assigned by your hobbies and talents.

Care of Children & Elderly
Distribution of Property
Everyone in the city gets a base payment.
The base payment covers food, housing, and medical care .
No one will be without basic resources because everyone has their basic resources covered.
The government makes it equal , so everyone to has their basic human needs.
Housing 2
We should have both Independent Living & Assisted Living
Independent Living is when you don't need help from the government.
Assisted Living for the elderly, Only if they don't have any family left to take care of them
To make sure everyone is equal the city's government will give each family a free car(s).

The size and number of car(s) will depend on the size and situation of the family
For students in high school and college, bus and taxi transportation will be provided for by the government

The cost for public transportation will be lower and will take travelers farther.
Sports & Leisure Activities
Media and Entertainment
To prevent crimes from the start, our government provide more education about crime

Degrees of punishment depends on severity of crime

Example: Theft = 3 weeks of public service, 1st degree murder = life sentence in prison
The government will have their own television channel and website
The government will be very open about what they are doing

People will always know how their taxpayer money is being spent
All media will be free/unmonitored
People have the freedom of speech and press
School will be 5 day of a week
3-4 (yrs old) children should go to a free Day Care/Preschool
4-5 children should go to Kindergarten
6-10 Elementary
11-13 Middle School
14-18 High School
19-22+ College
And so forth
People are not allowed to make statements that threaten or make a person or group of people feel threatened, endangered or otherwise uncomfortable

All children will be born in hospital
All children will go to school up until college
They will stay with their parent until 21 yrs old
Elderly people will stay in a Nursing Home if they don't have family to take care of them

Energy Sources
Our government will start off using combined fossil fuels and alternative energy to power our city
As new energy technologies are developed and old ones are improved, we will slowly wane off fossil fuels
These alternative energy sources will include: hydroelectric, wind, and solar power
Our government will be a democracy which depends on taxes and grants to pay our expenses
Government officials are elected
People can make complaints or comments on the government and their insight will be considered
The Assisted Living
Thank you so much for your time, we hope you have a wonderful day!

We will take questions now.
We will be open to any sport, so A-Z meaning from AbaGuresi to Zui Quen. If anyone wants to play a sport that person needs to have a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

People can have freedom from work or duty. They can do as they please, such as reading,sleeping, etc.
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