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Straw Tower Challenge!

No description

Carly McCrow

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Straw Tower Challenge!

When building the straw towers, you may have noticed the different ways people behaved, and interacted with each other. Answer the following questions, keeping in mind what happened in your own group, and what was being said around you...

1. Was there a distinct leader(s) in your group? What attributes did this person have to make them the leader? If not, how did the group work together?
2. Were you happy with how your group dealt with the construction of the tower? Why or why not?
Questions to think about:
Character qualities such as teamwork, patience, adaptability, perserverence, overcoming adversity, optimism, and the ability to listen and follow instructions are all positive qualities which can be useful in building resilience. If you feel you don't possess these qualtities, don't PANIC! It can take time and work to develop these positive character traits.
By working on these traits, you could Outwit, Outlast, and Outplay - to be the ultimate resilient SURVIVOR! - not just in a game, but in the ultimate challenge; LIFE!
To summarize
Time for cleanup!
As the bin comes past, throw away
items. Items must not leave the classroom.
The classroom must be completely clean - all paper and bits and pieces disposed of in the bin.
Sit in your seats when your group is completely finished and cleaned up.
At the end
Be the first team to build the tallest tower by the end of class!
The ultimate survivors may be rewarded!
The Task
We have been studying resilience this term. This means we have been looking at how people are able to 'bounce back' or overcome adversity in their life. Resilience often involves creative problem-solving, working with others to come up with effective solutions and making the most of the resources at your disposal. Are you ready to show how resilient and creative you are at problem solving?
Break into groups of 3-5
To Recap
3. What were the major problems encountered in constructing your straw tower?

4. What three additional supplies would you have chosen? Why?

5. Did all members of your group contribute equally and did people get on socially or were there some issues? Discuss.

6. What are two ways you could have improved your contribution to the group?

7. What do you think building a tower made of straws taught you about being resilient?

Questions to think about:
“The greatest glory in
in never falling,
but in
every time we
-Nelson Mandela

Think for a moment about any negative behaviors you noticed...

Any negative behaviors that were demonstrated, can be discouraged by peer and group pressure - this is one way to discourage bullying and build resilience.
You can take time at the beginning of class to plan how you will build your structure
You must
use the resources given to you. Please make sure you have
You must start on the
(and can attach your tower using your resources)
attach anything to a desk, or to the roof
You must not misuse the resources
At the end of the class, your tower will be measured.
Your tower must be able to stand, unassisted, for at least 1 minute.
The Rules
You have been stranded on a deserted island, with limited resources. If you cannot find someway to be seen by rescuers, you may be stuck forever! It is your task to build a tower from the resources you have at your disposal - a tower tall enough to be seen by your rescuers!
Straw Tower Challenge!
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