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Catherine's History of Gymnastics

No description

Mr. Stack

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Catherine's History of Gymnastics

Gymnastics All About the different kinds of Gymnastics How they score routines Videos of the Apparatus Images What is gymnastics?????
Gymnastics is a very difficult and common sport. It requires physical strength, flexibility, power, agility, coordination, and balance. It has been around for 2,000 years but, has only been a competitive sport for 100 years. Both girls and boys can participate in this sport. First off Artistic Gymnastics. It is the most common sport seen on TV. It is divided into two groups, women and men. For the men group there are 6 events. They are vault, pommel horse, parallel bars, high bars, rings and floor. For the women they have 4 events. They are floor, vault, bars, and beam. This type of gymnastics is in the Olympics. Next off is Rhythmic gymnastics. This type of gymnastics uses props like a ribbon, rope, hoop, club, or ball during their routines. They can do their routines alone or as a team. This sport demands extreme flexibility. This sport is also in the Olympics. Now off to Tramp and Trampoline. They have 3 events Trampoline, mini tramp and tumbling on a rod floor. This is not that common but it is in the Olympics. Now synchronized gymnastics.Men or women can do it. Unfortunately this type of gymnastics is not in the Olympics. In this sport two people from the same team go and compete the same skills at the same time. The judges score on the skills and on their timing. Synchronized means do it at the same time. This means synchronized gymnastics is the same thing. This type of gymnastics contains timing, height, tumbling, and multiple people involved. Now last but certainly not least is acrobatics. This type is not in the Olympics. Two or more people can be involved. Many types of skills that you do in this gymnastics are lifts, poses, and tumbling. Many people described this type of gymnastics much like cheer leading. Well,that is all the types of gymnastics there are. History of Gymnastics The scoring of gymnast's performance causes a lot of steps. The judges can't take their eyes off of the gymnasts because if they do they might miss deductions that were suppose to be deducted off of the score.Their final score comes from many deductions taken from their start value. Some points or deductions are from difficulty of the elements that the gymnast attempts or meets the requirements of the skill. These requirements are different for each apparatus. They take all these deductions away from 10.0 . This is called the F score. The final score is added by taking deductions from both the E score and adding results to the D score. Since 2007, the scoring process has changed but still involved these 2 basic steps By Catherine Burns Yes, there are different types of gymnastics. There are six different kinds of gymnastics. One, is artistic. It is the most common one on TV. Two, is rhythmic gymnastics. Three and four, are tramp and trampoline. Fifth, is acrobatics. Sixth, is synchronized. Only rhythmic, artistic and synchronized gymnastics are in the Olympics. Are there different types of gymnastics?????? Credits YouTube for my images and video
Wikipedia for my paragraphs
Google for my paragraphs as well
And Mr. Stack for helping paste and copy my videos
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