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No description

jada reseburg

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of CAT ISLAND

Here is the
leaders house
(My house) My awesome house Here is my top deputy's
house Brianna's house She's my top deputy Now for my
other deputy's
house Mercedes house Deputy Here are some rich
people's house's Here are some
Poor people's house's The castle Were they would learn to
be good so they could stay in my world My world dose not have bad people
but if we did they would go here. History Long long long ago cats lived on this island. They lived peacefully until the people came. They took some of the cats and turned them into house cats and some of them left. But some stayed. The cats that stayed are from Thunder Trees , Wind Hills , River Lake and Shadow Pines they live as wild cats now peacefully again. People only go to these places to look at the pretty seen. The cats that live in the forest like the people on my island. Cat Island The leader gives people money when they need it and she or he checks on the people who have jobs to see if they need anything or improve on what they are doing. What dose the Leader do What dose the Top Deputy do The top deputy dose almost what the leader dose but the top deputy gets the other deputy to help with stuff or tells him or her what the leader wants them to get from Cat-mint Island and the top deputy is next in line to be the leader What dose the other Deputy do The other deputy is next in line after the top deputy is the leader. The deputy dose what the leader and top deputy wants there is only one at a time Here is my Medicine girls house Casie's house Medicine girl's What dose the Medicine girl do She helps people when they are sick or hurt. She also gets the deputy to help her gather medicine from the forest Here is where Brianna and I work (deputy and leader) Here is where Mercedes works (deputy) Here is where casie works and some other people Here is the school Everyone in Cat Island has a or more pet
cats except if they are allergic to them Here is my Deputy and Leaders cats Names: Misty and Spot Here is my Deputy and Medicine girls pet cats Name: Snuggles Here are some more cats Cara Right now in Cat Island we have 55 people but then a beetle comes to our world and eats all our trees so that's basically the hole island. So we don't have any trees on our hole island and our houses are gone excepted the school , hospital some work buildings and the houses up in Breeze Vill and Breeze Town because its to cold up there and some emergency underground houses around Terabitha. A lot of people leave because they want a real home not some underground house. After they left 15 people where still on Cat Island. The people that left told other people where they used to live and they said it was awesome before the beetle came and now there where no trees and the people that heard about Cat Island wanted to help so they talked to some construction workers and the workers came to Cat Island and brought some trees and tents to stay and care for the trees for a little while. They ended up staying for a year and at the time we had 25 people at Cat Island then they left and we had 15 people again but we had a little bit of trees. Then my friend Brianna (and top deputy) heard of my loss of trees (she was in her own world Brianna's Wonderland on a different island) so she gave me some trees that fell down on her island because of a blizzard I also had a bunch of seeds and I planted them. A year later they grew and some more people came because Mercedes (My deputy) went every where and told a bunch of people that Cat Island was better then ever again. The bunch of people came to Cat Island and then we had 85 people on Cat Island. Resources candy trees candy snow catnip willow trees diamonds trees pine trees stone electric trees medicine yarn wheat blue berry's straw berry's Names: Tiger and Scat Name: Snowy Rachel Shadow Spike and Kalen Milk Tom Silk Blue Hospital Holiday's and birthday's We celebrated all the holiday's exspeshley Christmas You can have a birthday on any day you want only if its in the month of your birthday Money Our money is diamonds How we get around We don't drive or any thing like that we walk because Cat Island is a forest
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