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Design and modeling project with Bryce

Mitchell James

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Fireworks

FIREWORKS By: Mitchell James and Bryce Borglum Who Invented Fireworks? Fireworks are said to have originated in ancient China when a cook mixed together saltpeter, charcoal and sulfur. The mix started burning. Then the cook went a step further and placed it in a bamboo tube. It exploded and the first fireworks were discovered. The Chinese found many uses for the mixture over time. This discovery was made sometime in the 10th century. The First Firecrackers The Chinese were well aware of the killing power of these explosive devices, and by the 10th century, began using them for military purposes. The intial intent of the firecrackers was to scare the enemy, but eventually however the aim shifted from scaring the enemy to actually inflicting harm. How Fireworks were used in the Military The first "firecrackers" were discovered when someone threw a bamboo shoot into a fire. The bamboo shoot exploded, due to the air pockets created during its growth. Eventually people used this to scare away wolves and evil spirits. This discovery was made in 200 B.C. What Were The First Fireworks Used For? The first fireworks were used to celebrate and scare away evil spirits during the start of the new year. People today use fireworks to celebrate holidays like the Forth of July, Labor Day and the New Year. They also use fireworks for entertainment and to compete. How Fireworks Are Used Today First you glue the main fuse to the bottom of the firework shell with special glue. This glue is naturally colorless but it's died blue or red or some other bright color so you know exactly what your gluing. Then you spoon some explosive powder into a small compartment in the shell. After that you cap the compartment. Then you glue a sleeve onto a case then fill it with hundreds of stars. Stars are what make the flashes of color. Then you can put commits on the stars, a commit helps with the noise and the flash of color. Then for one of the final touches you sprinkle gun powder into the shell. Finally you seal the cap on really tight, the tighter the bigger the explosion finally you wrap it in craft paper. THIS IS ONLY FOR PYROTECHNICIANS NEVER DO THIS AT HOME. How Are Fireworks Made? Innovations to Fireworks Changed from simple mortar shells to repeaters which is a shaped box filled with shells
Now some firecrackers are stringed together
Shells have also gone up in size from 1-3 inches to 15 inches Fireworks Pros and Cons Pros Entertains people
Creates jobs
Inspired mortars for the military Cons Can hurt people
Can start fires What Type of Engineers make Fireworks and What Type of Technology are Fireworks? Pyrotechnic engineers make fireworks and fireworks are a manufacturing technology. Example Fireworks Science Creates the mixture to put in the shell Technology Math Engineering Designs the tube for the firework mixture Does the measurements for how big the tube and shell should be Simulates how the firework will go off Thanks for Watching! Sources pyrouniverse.com/history.htm
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