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Characteristics of high and low self esteem

Part 1. to How self esteem influences behavior

Jake Portock

on 15 July 2010

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Transcript of Characteristics of high and low self esteem

Characteristics of High and Low Self-Esteem High Self Esteem Maintain an internal focus of control High Maintain an internal locus of control Able to feel emotions without letting them affect behavior negatively Less likely to take things personally Able to accept people as unique, talented individuals Have a productive personality Tend to associate with others with high self-esteem Low Tend to maintain an external locus of control Relies too heavily on validation from outside sources More likely to participate in self-destrutctive behaviors Find comfort in associating with people who share negative self images Difficulty developing interpersonal skills Develop eating disorders Take little personal responsibilty for what happens to them Tend to be leaders
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