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A-League Marketing Strategies

Marketing Assignment

ahmad saab

on 5 October 2010

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Transcript of A-League Marketing Strategies

Hyundai A-League Australia's Premier Football League Swot Analysis Positioning Strategies The development of the A-leagues new positioning strategy focuses on the ability to entertain,excite and become the premier sporting competition in Australia. How do we acheive this? Product New Product strategies Introduction of a relegation promotion system Removal of the salary cap and marquee system Introduction of a domestic cup competition New Product name
"Australian Premier League" New trophy design Introduction of 9 new teams A-League TV Advertisment Good

Attractive with ball movements and visual effects.
Attractive playing surface and style intergrated with skill.
Captures attention by crating a unique style of football.
Bad Includes players and jerseys from other leagues.
According to the Australian media group the ad is shown only on pay-tv.
Most of the characters in the commercial are actors rather then players.
Research So Why do we need to initiate all these strategies? Conclusion Action Plan Plan will cover `Who, what, when, where and how?'
Identify your resource requirements: the people, budget and time you will need to make your project happen.
Prepare a schedule that identifies the milestones (key tasks) for the project.
Identify the specific tasks and their components, who is to make each task happen and, against each task, an expected date for completion.
Allocate funds against each part of your project that needs to be budgeted for.
Revisit the action plan throughout your project. As you get into the project you may find yo Reference List Cooper, GS, Krever, E & Vann, RJ 2002, Marketing: Initiating an action plan, 4th edn, Australian Tax Practice, Sydney, NSW. Ozimek , O 2010 ‘the Journal of Database Marketing & Customer Strategy Management’, Marketing Strategies, Vol .17 ,Iss. 4 , pp.17-29.

Musante , M 2007 ‘Game Misconduct: Service error recovery strategy’ , Sport marketing , Vol. 16 , Iss. 2 , pp. 37-56.

Lynch , M 2010 , ‘FFA need to consider drastic scheduling alterations’
The Daily Telegraph , 17 March , P.28.

Australian Bureau of Statistics 2009, Sporting Participation Cat. no. 1338.1, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Canberra.

Kotler P, Adam S, Denize S, Armstrong G, 2008, Marketing Principles, Pearson Education, Sydney Australian Bureau of Statistics 2009 The Team Ahmad Edward Marko Company Overview The A-League is the premier Australian domestic association football competition. Run by Australian governing body Football Federation Australia, it was founded in 2004 following the collapse of the National Soccer League and staged its inaugural season in 2005–06. It is sponsored by Hyundai Motor Company Australia, and is therefore officially known as the Hyundai A-League.
The league is contested by eleven teams: ten located across Australia and one from New Zealand. The competition lacks quality ,skill and passion. Although it does carry out the important factor of solid supporter foundations. It also faces external competition from other sporting codes in Australia such as NRL and AFL Marketing Objectives Compare and improve the A-League’s Playing quality to its international competitors.
Improve the Image of the A-League compared to other Sporting codes in Australia. E.g. NRL , AFL
Establish football as an ELITE sport in Australia through the promotion of the Hyundai A-League. Strengths •Participation in soccer (outdoor) had the highest participation rate and the highest number of participants in New South Wales with 4.1% or 219,800 of the population aged 15 years and over. This was more than half of the total participants in Australia (419,600) for soccer (outdoor).
•Soccer is the most popular and known sport in the world.
•Most of the A-League teams are located in New South Wales, Australia’s most populated state. This makes it easier for more people to attend A-League games. Weaknesses •Timetable clash with other sporting events.
•Figures indicate that, females are not motivated to participate in the games.
•Females lack attendance to sports {AFL, NRL, Rugby Union, and Soccer}.
•This is less than males attendance to sports (which is 38% to 62%)-data taken from ABS website.
•Rough sports fans in most A-league teams.
Opportunities •AFL was less popular in New South Wales, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory (figures from ABS website).
•NRL to the marketing managers of each of its clubs shows rugby league’s governing body is considering promotion an offshore gambling company which is sidestepping federal laws.
Strengths Threats •AFL was less popular in New South Wales, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory (figures from ABS website).
•NRL to the marketing managers of each of its clubs shows rugby league’s governing body is considering promotion an offshore gambling company which is sidestepping federal laws.
Market Segmentation
North Queensland
Western Sydney
Gold Coast
Central Coast
Newcastle Target Market Geographic Demographic The consumer of A-League is mainly in several groups, such as:
Age group in 10+
Can be both male or female
The income for customers is usually around 10000, and
The family size is 5+ Behavioural Purchase: regular
Benefits: Quality
User Status: High
Readiness Stage: Intending to buy
Loyalty Status: Strong Physcographic Socioeconomic usually is middle income or high income families with basic education or anyone who interesting in A-League The main marketing mix elements we want to focus on , to acheive the new positioning strategy include the 7p's.
Physical Evidence
People Marketing Mix The A-league is a competition that is widely open and adaptable to major improvments. As football is the world game , any change would benefit the league. The new marketing strategies would ensure that football becomes the prime sport in Australia , also the quality of the A-league would compare to world wide standards and the image of the A-league would capture more attention from sporting fans. The Action plan to initiate would be an overview on how to achieve our objectives, Dilini Frank Intergrated Marketing Campaign
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