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Industrial Smog

No description

Soo Cha

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Industrial Smog

by: Debbie Sung and Soo Cha INDUSTRIAL SMOG What is industrial smog? Industrial smog is the black-brown colored haze that is in the air that can be seen over some cities. It is mostly visible in the summer.

The smog itself is composed of sulfur dioxide, small amounts of sulfuric acid, and suspended particles from the burning of coal and oil. What causes industrial smog? Industrial smog pollutes the air around us. Its main pollutant causes acid precipitation, which damages the environment. It is also harmful to the human body according to the EPA. Smog can irritate the respiratory system, which leads to coughing and chest pains. This kind of irritation can make it difficult to exercise and breathe correctly. Why is industrial smog so harmful? Industrial smog reaction
Burning coal produces sulfur dioxide (SO2) that eventually ends up into our atmosphere.
SO3+H20=H2SO4(sulfuric acid)
Pollutants released by fossil fuel combustions How industrial smog is formed Where Does Industrial Smog Occur? Industrial smog isnt a big problem in most developed countries anymore. However industrial smog is a big problem in countries like China, India, Ukraine, and eastern Eastern European countries because alot of coal is still burned in factories. Effects of Industrial Smog Industrial smog causes a lot of lung problems because of the effects it has on the air.

Also the Asian brown cloud became a big consequence of industrial smog. All the residue of smoke, dust, and ash produced a cloud that was 3 kilometers long over China and India. Asian Brown Cloud THE END
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