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Dale Chihuly

No description

Beth Carter

on 7 April 2017

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Transcript of Dale Chihuly

Dale Chihuly
Day 2
On Chihuly's website you can click through his collections and look through his different series.

Based on what you see, what is a "series?"

Can you describe similarities and differences between two of his series?

You are going to get a picture of a Chihuly installation.
Find a friend that has a similar installation.
Discuss how glass and setting are alike and different.

How can we create a collaborative piece of Public Art? How can we learn from this contemporary artist?
We are going to be using plastic film, and sharpie markers to make "Glass" form
Dale Chihuly in action
How is Chihuly's art made?
Does he make it all himself?
What type of spaces does he display his art work in?
Chihuly's inspirations
Notice the colors and shapes of the forms. Notice how he was inspired and recreated the forms with blown glass
Dale Chihuly created a series of bowl forms he titled Macchia
after an oddly shaped basket he once saw. Later on, he used ocean forms, like soft coral, to inspire him.

Draw a large organic shape that touches the edges of the transparency using a sharpie.

Use Sharpies to simulate the glass by drawing very bold and bright
Clean up neatly!
put artwork on the drying rack
return sharpies
clean tables with a wet wipe
stack chairs.
Next week will will finish & Heat!
Creating a 3 D Form

1.Add sharpie to the slick side
of the transparency
2.Cut along the outline and remove the
3. See Mrs. C for heat.

Create a form with a vase and rubber band
if you want it shiny on top place the shiny side against the bottle.
Mrs. C will heat.

Help Mrs. Carter
install our Public Art
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