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Shyann Montgomery

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Lebanon

Lifespan & Level of Education
The two red lines symbolize the blood shed for liberation. The white stripe symbolizes peace and snow covering the Lebanon mountains. The green ceder tree symbolizes immortality and steadiness.

Lebanon Caught up in Syrian Civil War
Location: 33 50 N, 35 50 E

National Symbol: Cedar Tree

Languages: Arabic(Official Lang.), French, English, American

Religion: Muslim(59.7%)
Christian(39%) Other(1.3%)

Population: 4,131,583(July 2013est.)
Inside Lebanon
Weather & Climate: Mediterranean; mild to cool, wet winters with hot dry summers

Neighboring Countries: Israel and Syria bordering Mediterranean Sea

Capital: Beirut
population: 361,366 (2007)
In Lebanon people live to be about 75years old
Males: 73.86years old
Females: 77.13years old
women seem to live longer according to our research
Education in Lebanon goes up to 14yrs of education.
In Lebanon if you are 15-+up you would be able to read and write, younger 14-below haven't or are still in the process of learning to.
for males they have a easier access to education then females in Lebanon
93.4% Males + 86% Females are educated
By Shyann and Terrence
Arabic Music
Famous People:
Keanu Reeves a.k.a "Neo"
Keanu Reeves born in Beirut, Lebanon but raised in Canada
Primary Foods are pita bread and hummus, fool ( a fava bean dip) rice and pasta are very likely to be at the dinner table. Also salted yogurt, red meat and chicken but, NO PORK (only according to islamic law).
avg. women clothing
Lebanon is a Democratic republic which includes a parliament, cabinet, and a president. But the level of power reflects on what your religion is :
President Michel Suleiman (Maronite Catholic)
Prime Minister Najib Mikati (Sunni Muslim)
Speaker of the house Nabih Berri (Shiite Muslim)
Line graph of temp. Monthly
When?: Founded Allergically on September 1, 1925

How: Earliest Civilization goes back more than seven thousand years ago. Lebanon started off as home to the Phoenicians who which flourished for about a thousand or more years. then it became under rule by the roman empire. After World War I the french Expanded the borders of Mount Lebanon Which gained Lebanon's independence in 1943.
Background Info
Also in the past Lebanon has dealt with many other civil wars other then Syria today
1975: Phalangist gunmen ambush a bus and killed 27 passengers after attacking a church
1976:thousands killed by Syrian troops at Tel al-zaatar camp by syren presence as an Arab Deterrent
1978: In reprisal for a Palestinian attack, on Israel launches a major invasion of southern Lebanon
Civil Wars

http://www.everyculture.com/Ja-Ma/Lebanon.html (food, culture, government)



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