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Monarchs, Monsters and Multiculturalism Facilitation

Marxist Analysis of Disney Animation

Kelly Kluvers

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Monarchs, Monsters and Multiculturalism Facilitation

Disney's Menu for Global Hierarchy Monarchs, Monsters & Multiculturalism Artz Argument Large Abstract Concepts! "Marxist media scholars look at the effects of ownership and economics on production and distribution of media content. Books, films and television shows do not spontaneously occur: all are created as products to be bought and sold in a greater system of commodity exchange" (Ott & Mack, p.21) According to Karl Marx, " The mode of production of material life conditions the general process of social, political and intellectual life". WHAT?! Key Words:
Superstructure: Institutions such as culture (art and media) religion, education, politics and the judicial system.
Economic Base: The forces and relations of production that people enter to create the necessities and amenities of life.
Oligopoly: A state of limited competition in which the market is shared by a small number of producers and sellers. Artz argues in Monarchs, Monsters and Multiculturalism, "Disney advances an ideology content that parallels the social and political requirements of capitalist economic activity: social hierarchy, elite coercion and hyper individualism" (p. 388) Tip of Disney Mass Media Marketing Iceberg Innocent Animation and Children's Stories...NOT Social Hierarchy Definition: Hierarchy in a social order indicates a ranking according to worth, ability, authority or some other attribute (Artz, p. 384) Elite Coercion Definition: The use of force or intimidation to obtain compliance. Unconsciously, as seen throughout Disney films, we allow the elite hierarchy (main characters) to abuse power without punishment. Unconsciously, as seen throughout Disney films, we assign superficial labels such as "Good" and "Bad" to basic characters through visual and narrative techniques thus perpetuating the preferred social order. We as also inherently accept our lower class position as the obedient audience. Hyper Individualism Definition: The habit or principle of being independent and self-reliant. Unconsciously, given the hierarchy Disney creates, we allow give some characters more importance than others. Consequently, these characters are allowed more leeway in terms of their individual actions. Actions that often go against public interest. The Bottom Line: Artz use of rhetorical analysis tools such as affect, aesthetics and narration on Disney films proves that Disney animates and narrates stories favorable to a corporate culture including its own. So?
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