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Can we measure creativity, design and innovation in a city, region or country?

A brief introduction to measuring creativity, design and innovation in the countries.

Marco Ferruzca

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Can we measure creativity, design and innovation in a city, region or country?

Marco Ferruzca (UAM-A)
Jorge Rodriguez (UAM-A)
Christoff Goëbel (UAM-A) ¿Can we really measure the impact of creativity and design on innovation? Living in a creative
knowledge age... Background Creativity & Design have gained importance in the last years... PepsiCo Creates Chief Design Officer Role 3M Guru Porcini Will 'Build Design Culture' Spanning Everything From Packaging to Digital Experiences Toward more competitive economies... Creative Cities Creative Cities Network (UNESCO) http://www.citiesinstitute.org GCI Global creativity index 3T Driven innovation “The rise of the creative class” (Florida 2002). We live in a “Creative Age”. Florida’s thesis is centered on: Technology, Talent and Tolerance. He is interested in studying the concentration of “creative individuals” in different regions. The “creative class” has strong influence in making a region prosper economically. Inno Metrics DCI Design, Creativity & Innovation Scoreboard Creative climate matters!!! Creative City Index CCi “The Creative City Index assesses the creative pulse of places by exploring their urban dynamics, processes and projects. It differs from most indexes by looking at the city as an integrated whole from an insider and outsider perspective through a series ten broad crosscutting domains” (Landry and Hyams 2012). Feel the city!!! International Design Scoreboard Moultrie and his team have developed an international design scoreboard for measuring the design capability of design in countries. México in the GCI 68 82 Technology index Global R&D investment
49 /82
Global researchers
49 /82
Global innovation
74 / 177 México in the GCI 65 82 Talent index Human Capital
58 over 82
Creative Class
58 over 82 México in the GCI 36 82 Tolerance index Tolerance toward ethnic and racial minorities
52 over 82
Tolerance toward gays and lesbians
23 over 82 México in the GCI 61 82 Conclusions Yes, we can measure creativity, design and innovation with existing frameworks but the picture is not complete…you have to live the city.
A lot of things to do but without loosing our origins. Measuring CDI in the cities Creativity and design are important aspects of well-developed knowledge ecomomy... Bibliography/References/Images: http://www.forbes.com/sites/haydnshaughnessy/2011/10/08/what-is-the-creative-economy-really/






















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