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Haile Middle School Engineering jack h

all of the solid works parts that i have created since i started 6th grade

jack h

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Haile Middle School Engineering jack h

Engineering Technology
Jack Hudson
C02 dragster
exam part
light switch cover plate
how to make a pb and j sandwich
1. take two pieces off bread
peanut butter jelly and a knife
2.spread the jelly on one piece
and the peanut butter on the other
3.put the two pieces of bread
4.enjoy your pb and j sandwich
Lets Go Design
The machine called the "Hot Rod Buggy" was a toy that Had to be all terrain, moterized, had to fit on the sidewalk, and be cool and fun to use. The hot rod buggy was really cool, especially how it was all designed. There were a lot of complicated parts but it was really a educational piece and I hope to be able to build something like It.
The Wheel
Jack Hudson's
Profesional profile
Playing Tackle football
Work History
ODI Consulting
middle school
Proffesional Accomplishments
Winning MVP for my football
The active roll of robotics
robotics can help in many
ways like surgery. there are
some robots that can give
you surgery. Robotics can also
help the police. Think of a
radar gun that can find how
fast some one is going. robotics plays a huge role in our society and has the potential to save and help the world in many amazing ways
Design Process
First attempt exam part
After watching the new innovated technology
of robots I think the hand of the robot is The most complex part of this robot. Reasons for this is because it plays one of the most important parts in the robots roll.
Job Resume
Name: Jack Hudson
www.Try Engineering.com
Aerospace engineering is really hard. The people that worked there spent a lot of time to make everything perfect. The technology is so advanced thanks to the people there working trying to make new and better things. Everything that goes wrong can easily be improved. like anything that goes wrong they can go back and fix all of these problems. Most of the things that they build are built in solidworks. Also they are all tested in floworks. all the things they design are always tested how aerodynamic they are. they are also built to with stain a lot of air pressure. they have to be able to resist alot of air pressure so the rocket can go into space.
X,Y,and Z axis
In my words X, and Y axis is what you use to graph either a set of integers or maybe for labeling points on a coordinate plane. A Z axis is something you use for engineering or designing on more advanced levels. I have utilized X,Y, and Z axis before many times I have used it in math and in Solidworks. I have used in it Solidworks.
11/13/2012 prezi post
In the video from steel soulcraft bike they utilized tons of different types of measurements. If i were offered a job at soulcraft I would first be extremely excited, and second I would be building some really cool bikes. I probably would make some changes like testing its mobility and aerodynamics. I would also test to see how much weight it would hold. Depending on the amount of weight held I would adjust the suspension to some of the specifications to the bike.
This piece was a part that was built to make a boat. It was made and designed as a party in solidworks. The use of this part was to be attached to the battery pack on the boat.
what is cnc manufacturing
jack hudson
period 6
CNC stands computer numerical control. CNC manufacturing is basically a type of milling or manufacturing machine that is computer guided. It also has the ability to change tools, bits, blades, or tips. people mainly use the cnc milling machine to design a basic prototype or a finished design. its also a benefit to the workforce, cause its cost saving, and allow greatly improved accuracy.
Adirondack Chair
This is my Adirondack chair I built it in soldworks. It was a fun project. we had to build it out of recycled wooden pallets. We started off building it in solidworks. Then we built a basic prototype on the 3D printer. Then we had to rip apart the
recycled wooden pallets. We the went on to start building our poroject . We were allowed to laser engrave a design on the chair and it ended up being a really fun cool project
Rocket SM
This is my rocket Sm. This was a very fun and simple project.
We first started off building the body tube fig.1. Then we built a nose cone fig.2. after that we went on to build the fin for the rocket SM fig.3. and then assembled.
figure 2 nose cone
figure 3 fin
figure 1 body
project 2
Project 3
Landing gear
V stab
This is my airplane this is my 3rd project for this year. this was a fun and exciting project. first you had to build the body of the plane then the wings and then the wheel which was assembled after that.
This Cuda County tutorial part was a tough part to build. At first it was challenging and then it got easier along the way. you basically start of in a construction geometry base and the you draw the lines inside of the construction geometry. then you extrude boss base it and do a couple of fillets.
flow simulation
Right now I am using the flow simulation tool so i can see how my boat is aerodynamics wise. the process of making has been going good and steady im struggling to create the toolpaths to cut out the boat.
Demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics and scope of technology
Demonstrate an understanding of the core concepts of technology
Demonstrate an understanding of the relationships among technologies and the connection between technology and other fields of study
Demonstrate an understanding of the cultural, social, economic, and political effects of technology.
Demonstrate an understanding of the effects of technology on the environment. – The student will be able to
Demonstrate an understanding of the role of society in the development and use of technology
Demonstrate an understanding of the influence of technology on history
Demonstrate an understanding of the attributes of design
Demonstrate an understanding of engineering design
Demonstrate an understanding of the role of troubleshooting, research and development, invention and innovation, and experimentation in problem solving. – The student will be able to:
Demonstrate the abilities to apply the design process
Demonstrate the abilities to use and maintain technological products and systems
Demonstrate the abilities to assess the impact of products and systems
Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to select and use energy and power technologies
Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to select and use information and communication technologies
Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to select and use transportation technologies.
Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to select and use manufacturing technologies.
Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to select and use construction technologies
Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to select and use construction technologies
Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to select and use construction technologies
Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to select and use construction technologies
Demonstrate an understanding of and be able to select and use construction technologies
Demonstrate technical knowledge and skills in the designing, engineering, and analysis of constructed works.
Demonstrate language arts knowledge and skills
Demonstrate mathematics knowledge and skills
Demonstrate science knowledge and skills
Career and technical education is a business that helps youth and adults for a wide range of high wage demand careers. CTE also addresses the needs of high-growth industries and helps the close the skills gap. They integrate with academics in a rigorous and relevant curriculum. CTE works with careers like manufacturing, Health science, Finance, Human services and etc. In Connecticut every dollar invested in the program returns 16.40$ over the course of college careers. Investigating in CTE yields big returns for state economies. Postsecondary CTE fosters completion and prepares students for in-demand careers. High school students involves in CTE are more prepared to perform better and graduate at higher rates
Identify how technologies can be used to repair damage caused by natural disasters.
What is solar energy and how does it work
Solar energy is radiant energy emitted by the sun.

This is an assigned part given to us to help prepare for the solidworks exam
1/31 post
NASA is having some thoughts on sending 1 billion dollars for parts to their international space station. They will be sending a 3d printer into space for the first time in case they need anything done up there as well. They will be getting supplies such as plastics and metals to use to build tools and other things. There are some advantages to this idea such as the astronauts having the ability to make screw drivers. downsides include the cost they might not be able to afford this costly yet helpful idea.
What you are looking at is a C02
shell car in which was modeled in solidworks based off a tutorial in which modifications were made to increase the aerodynamics. It was A challenging part, but with hard work and the utilization of the design process a product or modified version was able to be made
NASA has come up with some amazing technology one of those things is the wind tunnel. What the wind tunnel does and its use is that it blows wind through a tunnel like shape and is used to test the wind resistance on things so they can be adjusted to become more aerodynamic. It is something that can be utilized to do great things and make further advancements in technology and the study of aerodynamics
This is a light switch cover plate in which was assigned to be built in solidworks based off a tutorial. It seemed boring at first but when further advanced it becomes more exciting and something that can be learned from.
This is a part which had to be built in solidworks for an exam. The purpose of building this part was to test our skills in building solidworks parts without the use of a tutorial and only looking at a couple
of dimensions. It was definitely a challenging part but was very useful in the practice of builing and modeling parts and is a start to something that could be great like a certification in solidworks.
So far this is what I have built of my exam part that I am doing for my tech class. It is going along pretty well and I hope to be able to finish it and receive a good grade
This wheel is one of the easier parts that was assigned. It was definitely something you could learn from though. And it is a important part for the co2 dragster.
Toy car project
Finished product
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