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Prairie Winds - Western Expansion

Public art located at the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center, by Kathy Bradford.

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Transcript of Prairie Winds - Western Expansion

prairie winds
The Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center is in Enid, OK located on the northeast corner of 4th and Owen K Garriot Rd. A map:

the art
about the artist:
how to find it:
Artist: Kathy Bradford
Location: Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center
Date: 2010
Bradford has always been immersed in art. She prefers working with glass because of its dimensionality and the way that light can change it. Her website:
Prairie Winds seeks to portray native Oklahoma plants, animals, and early Oklahoma imagery in a natural prairie landscape
a general
Prairie Winds is an art glass installation placed in a railing surrounding a walkway in the main lobby of the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center. Designs have been sandblasted on to 7/16ths thick clear laminated glass, with the 'front' facing in towards the walkway.

A single landscape representing Oklahoma at the time of the land run continues from one pane to the next. A wide variety of indigenous plants and animals can be found in the piece, as well as land run pioneers, Native American tepees, and agricultural implements.
lesson ideas
-type of art
-visible objects
-use of lines
-use of light
-choice of media
-worth to
-worth to
land runs
westward expansion
places to visit
First Oklahoma Territory School
Edmond, OK
Sam Noble Museum
Norman, OK
Visit the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History. The entire museum focuses on natural history as it relates to Oklahoma and the region, but the second floor specifically relates the best to Prairie Winds.
If you are unable to visit the museum in person, use the gallery tours to explore from afar.
Read about the land runs of 1889 and 1893:

Also, see maps, read about others' perspective of the land run, and find relevant activities at the Oklahoma History Center's site:
Visit the Oklahoma History Center's Noble Gallery to see a wagon that made the land run, a sod house, and more.
View the Centennial Land Run Monument located in Bricktown (Oklahoma City). More about the monument:
The artist placed pioneers on horseback and in wagons in the background of one of the glass panels. This alludes to the settlers that arrived in pursuit of land during the land runs before statehood.
The Oklahoma Land Rushes were just more events in the United State's quest for more land. As the country's population grew, so did the need for more land.
Press play to hear the expansion of America (with relevant events) narrated and shown on a map.
[10 minutes]
of a nation
Read an article about the topic, then watch the videos included. Highly recommended: Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark Expedition, Transcontinental Railroad, and the Donner Party.
Take a quiz to see what kind of person you would have been in the American West.
See the first public schoolhouse established in Oklahoma Territory.
For details on arranging a visit, please see the website:
about the
Cherokee Strip
Regional Heritage Center
Through its five permanent galleries and living history village, the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center educates viewers about the settlement and development of Northwest Oklahoma.
Sod house located inside one of the galleries.
Plan your visit:
Visit to learn more about the Land Run of 1893, life in the Cherokee Strip, and natural resources like oil and gas. Then, explore the village for a historically accurate representation of an Oklahoma Territory town.
Explore the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center's gallery about the Cherokee Outlet opening of 1893.
near oklahoma city
the art:
Practice using these concepts while viewing Prairie Winds.
the art:
The only humans featured in Prairie Winds are placed far in the background and are not as detailed as the other scenes. What message does this convey?

Is there any other evidence of humans throughout the work? How do the condition and placement of different objects tell a story?
the art:
How many waves of settlement did Oklahoma witness? How is this history represented in the glasswork?
Compare and contrast Oklahoma settlement with other Western settlings, like those that resulted from the Oregon Trail and the gold rush.
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social studies
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