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coaching for hosts

No description

Evelyn F

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of coaching for hosts

coaching principles
types of coaching
personal coaching
coaching cycle
strategic coaching
management coaching
implementation/skills coaching
performance coaching
coaching is about
the coachee.
others, not train them.
always ask questions

until the coachee arrives
at an answer themselves.
help the coachee's
self-awareness and understanding
coaching is not just about
short term performance
it is also about the

long term of the person
coaching is
: based on actions and results, not personality.
don't be afraid to
challenge others

and push them to grow!
coaching begins with
show genuine interest
be warm and responsive
make connection
create purpose
& understand
active coaching
follow up
take action
coaching behaviours
building trust and rapport
communicating expectations
providing feedback
motivating others
following through
how do you rank on these competencies?

1. one of my strengths
2. doing okay on this
3. need to develop this
4. lacking this skill
why are these competencies important?
how do i improve on these competencies?
why is coaching important?
touchpoint between you and the host LC
the host LCP's personal development
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